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Reduce Pain with Braces?

Are there other gels besides Anbesol, that I can use for my gums for the pain? READ MORE

How to Prevent Cuts from Braces?

What advice or devices are available to stop the pain and cuts from metal braces? READ MORE

Can I Expect Severe Mouth Pain and Headaches with Braces?

For how long after the installation of dental braces can I expect severe mouth pain and headaches? Is it common to always have pain as long as I have... READ MORE

My Retainer Hurts Like Hell! Is This Normal?

I wore braces for two years. Last june my dentist took them off and gave me a retainer. A clear one. I forgot to wear it for the past two months and... READ MORE

Invisalign? Braces? How Painful? Sooo Confused, What Is My Best Option?

In my late 40's with my two upper incisors that are slanted over my front teeth. and a bit of crowding on my lower jaw. My ortho has said that it... READ MORE

Braces or Invisalign for Patient with Benign Vertigo?

I have benign vertigo and have read that Invisalign can cause a lot of head pain. Should I not consider Braces since I have vertigo or are the chances... READ MORE

Is Having Braces Painful?

I'm thinking about getting braces but I'm scared to death. Does it hurt while they are putting on the braces? And I have a tooth that grew behind my... READ MORE

Common Complaints by Teenagers about Braces?

What type of soreness should teenagers expect from having braces put on? How intense is the pain with adjustments at appointments? Is there an oral... READ MORE

Orthodontist treatment gone wrong...Do I really need braces for this? (photo)

I justed had my braces removed a month ago & I now have jaw pain on the right side of my mouth. I won't see my orthodontist until the end of... READ MORE

What to Do with Pain in Neck, Dizziness, and Click Sounds in Jaw with Braces On?

I spoke to my orthodontist with my problem, and they told me they don't think it is the braces. They also mentioned that if it was, everything should... READ MORE

Is it really important to extract first four premolars in my case and is this extraction painful? (photo)

My lower jaw teeth have overlapped and the inscisors in my upper jaw have moved oppositely making a large difference between two. my upper jaw seems... READ MORE

How can I get my tooth back to where it was? It is so painful (Photo)

What can I do to have my tooth back in line and white!?! how do I stop the pain? READ MORE

Why is my Braces Hurting So Much? (photo)

I hve overlapping crowded teeth in both of my arch.Just worn braces on my upper arch a week ago.Bt my teeth is hurting so much that i cannot bite down... READ MORE

After Wearing Braces for an Overbite my Jaw Has Moved Back a Bit, I Have Also Been Getting Some Jaw Pain, Could This Be Related?

When I was 15 I has braces to get rod of my overbite and to straighten my front teeth. I am now 21 and can fit my finger in the gap between my front... READ MORE

I Had Braces for Almost 2 Years. Now Suffering from Post Orthodontic and TMJ Dysfunction?

Mouth Opening is Left to 1-1.5cm when doc measured and pressed that joint,but i can open my mouthwide in different way, to eat. i went to... READ MORE

Why is my left side of my jaw hurting??

I got my braces off in July and I had no problems. Now it's been a few months and I started noticing my left jaw was hurting. It's getting worst. I... READ MORE

22 yrs old with 2 incisors protruding out, which really hurt: Can they be corrected? (Photos)

The problem was mild in my teens and my parents thought it would get in shape as i grow older. but they have just grown out even more and are sharp.... READ MORE

What is the best kind of braces for people with sensitive teeth?

I need braces pretty bad but I have extremely sensitive teeth and taste buds. So I was wondering if invislign would be a better choice rather than... READ MORE

Pain 2 weeks after Braces. Why is this?

Hi its sana here I have also the same problem after braces i did not use retainers for 7 months due too some reason but frm two weeks i got too much... READ MORE

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