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How Long Would It Take to Move One Tooth?

I started with Invisalign braces, uppers are now perfect but today my ortho put metal braces on lower teeth to move this one tooth. It needs a minor... READ MORE

I Have Two Front Teeth That Are Severely Overlapping, What are My Options for Aligning them? (photo)

I am getting married in 2yrs and would love to have a descent smile. I was told it was an easy fix if they removed the teeth directly next to them. I... READ MORE

Braces for Upper Teeth Only? (photo)

I hve overlapping and crowded teeth in both upper and lower.Bt i want to correct my upper teeth only..no one sees my bottom teeth AND most importantly... READ MORE

Do I require braces for a gap and overlapping teeth? (photos)

I'm not sure about whether I should get braces or not as my friends and family have said that they don't look so bad. My two front teeth have a gap in... READ MORE

Can I get anything done to fix my front teeth? (Photo)

As you can see in the pictures my two front teeth overlap one another a bit and are slightly chipped. My bottom middle tooth is being pushed inwards.... READ MORE

Overlapping Front Teeth After 2 Years of Braces?

I recently had braces removed after wearing them for 2 years. I'm a little concerned about the results. My two front teeth are overlapping. I... READ MORE

Can Braces Fix my Jaw Line? (photo)

My lower right side jaw leans or (overlaps) to the left side more causing my lower right teeth to look a little over bitten can braces push my jaw out... READ MORE

Central Incisors Overlapping?

My central incisors are overlapping.My dentist suggest a jacket crown to fix it instead of braces. Is it a long term solution? And he suggest since... READ MORE

Why is my Braces Hurting So Much? (photo)

I hve overlapping crowded teeth in both of my arch.Just worn braces on my upper arch a week ago.Bt my teeth is hurting so much that i cannot bite down... READ MORE

Do Braces Cause Problem in the Growth of Wisdom Teeth?

I hve crowded overlapping teeth.nd started braces treatment this week.But i have very tight arch so my doctor couldnot put the rubber spacers so had... READ MORE

Are Braces my Only Option? (photo)

I have very crooked teeth and I would like to make them straight. I could never afford braces but now that I am an adult I am looking into it. No... READ MORE

Need to Get Braces and Orthodontist Advised to Extract One Upper Central Incisor Teeth. What to Do?

I was 7yr when my right upper central incisor got shaky as my friend pushed me.I went for root canal treatememt but that dentist perforated my maxilla... READ MORE

Clearpath or braces for overjet and overlap? (Photo)

25-year-old female, wore traditional braces about 10 years ago, some relapse. (1) overlapping front two upper teeth (left over right) and (2) overjet,... READ MORE

4 months after braces, my left incisor is overlapping the right & my teeth are different lengths, will they straighten? (photo)

I am a 42 years old woman who got braces four months ago to close the front gap and correct the bite. Now the gap is closed but my left incisor is... READ MORE

Can Braces Be Worn for Upper Arch Only?

Hello I have overlapping crowded teeth in both of my upper and lower arch.But my bottom teeth are sensitive and i only wish to wear braces for upper... READ MORE

I don't have very straight teeth and I was wondering if braces would be the answer? (Photo)

I have one tooth that is being pushed out by two others and my two front teeth are overlapping READ MORE

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