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Are Braces an Option for Severe Overbite?

I am 46. I am missing my molars right/left back, as well as bottom molar on the right. I have a severe overbite and I'm wondering at this point if... READ MORE

Gap After Molar Extraction / Teeth Drift - Close Gap w/ Braces or Create Gap for Bridge?

Dear Doctor, I am 28 years old & had a molar extracted 3 years ago; there's been teeth drift and only 20% of space is remaining. An Implant is... READ MORE

Why is my Orthodontist Using the Nance Appliance for my Upper Jaw?

My 4 1st bicuspid already removed for the braces, and i'm currently wearing for it, but why would my orthodontist using upper nance holding arch... READ MORE

Braces Closing a Molar Gap

Hello, I have braces on to straighten my teeth and only have 6 months to go. I also have a missing molar. I spoke to my dentist about closing the... READ MORE

Braces Before Molars?

Im an 12 but my molars have not come though and i think i need braces. can i have them? READ MORE

How Long Do I Have to Wait to Get a New Retainer?

I had my 12 year old molars surgically removed 12 days ago. after my surgery i couldn't wear my clear retainer for a week after due to pain.. How... READ MORE

If I Removed the Back Molar Band, Would if Affect Anything?

I've have my braces for months now, but i have had a problems with the right back molar band. It bothers me a lot, sometimes it hurt because its... READ MORE

What do I do if my back left molar braquet fell off?

Just today my back left molar braquet fell off and my appt is until January 2nd what do I do ? I'm really scared they will separate!!!!!! READ MORE

My 12 Year Old Son is Missing His 5th Molar Because the Space Was Closed After Extraction? (photo)

We want to get him braces now, what should we do? my son is 12 years . when he was 7 doctors remove his molar bce he got infection but they forgot to... READ MORE

Braces Might Be Required for an Implant; True?

I recently had a broken molar extracted. The orthodontist originally thought she could bring the back molar forward to close the gap, but after an... READ MORE

Is it really important to extract first four premolars in my case and is this extraction painful? (photo)

My lower jaw teeth have overlapped and the inscisors in my upper jaw have moved oppositely making a large difference between two. my upper jaw seems... READ MORE

Hi, I'm a 37 year old that had the left lower molar removed and I'm debating the best option : braces or implants?

Hi, I'm a 37 year old that had the left lower molar removed and I'm debating the best option : braces or implants? I have my left lower 3rd molar half... READ MORE

I Am 15 and Only Have 2 of my 12 Yr. Molars..?

I am 15 and i just recently got my top left and bottom left 12 year molars. I was born 7 weeks early so maybe thats why my teeth are late. I need... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Braces to Move the Molars? (photo)

It's been almost a year and a half and my teeth are pretty straight so far in the front. However, I just got rubber bands on my braces for my... READ MORE

Can my left second molar be straightened? Dr. says "NO"? (photo)

My left second molar tooth on the picture is outside the normal teeth line,all my teeth got braces now(included 2.molars), and problematic left one... READ MORE

My molar teeth are bent inward. Can my problem be solved by Braces?

One of the dentist had recommended for jaw expansion. Now I have got braces. The brackets on my molar teeth keep coming off. Is it possible that the... READ MORE

I got my braces off in may of 2013: Can wearing my Hawley retainer fix my little gaps? (Photo)

I wore my retainer for 5 months as instructed. I stopped wearing them for a while and I noticed shifting in my top teeth. I am missing one of my right... READ MORE

Should I extract my bottom molars that are growing in the wrong direction before getting Braces? (photo)

I am 25 years old and would like to get braces. I have an over jet and some crowding in the top row only.The bottom row is perfectly straight. One of... READ MORE

After 9 months with palatal expander my Orthodontist only wants to remove one premolar. Is this a common practice?

This sounded odd to me but my orthodontist suggested that i only get my left premolar removed. I don't understand why i'm getting them removed as i've... READ MORE

After Braces are removed, will small gaps between molars close on their own?

I am getting my braces removed this week, but I still have a 1mm gap between my left mandibular second premolar and first molar, as well as a <1mm... READ MORE

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