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Would an Orthadontist Recommend Metal Braces over Invisalign to Make More Money?

I have had metal braces about ten years ago. I never wore my retainer and now want to have them fixed again I went to the ortho and he suggested metal... READ MORE

Can I Get a Permanent Retainer for the First Six Months and then Switch to a Hawley to Wear at Night?

I don't want to have to have metal showing in my mouth after I get my braces off but i dont want metal still glued on my teeth for a while either so... READ MORE

Will I need tooth stripping or extraction for my outward inclined teeth treatment? (photos)

I am 20,female. I got the conventional metal braces recently only for the uppers now and I'll get lowers too. Do I need tooth stripping or extraction... READ MORE

Should I Trust an Orthodonist Who Recommended Invisalign but Says He Only Uses Braces for Dental Board Cases?

I recently had a consult with an orthodontist who recommended I get Invisalign for my case but could also offer me braces. Somehow we got talking... READ MORE

What is your opinion when it comes to ceramic vs metal braces?

I have a 11 year old who will be getting braces soon. Her teeth aren't horribly crooked but enough where they recommend braces. The Orthodontist went... READ MORE

How long do you think I'll have to wear the braces? Is it true that these don't work as fast/ effective as metal braces? (photo)

How long do you think I'll have to wear the braces for? Is it true that these don't work as fast or effective as metal braces? Also, I have been... READ MORE

I'm 16, I was wondering if I should get top 6 ceramic braces with the rest metal OR all metal? (photo)

I play football, soccer, and wrestling. If I wear a mouthgaurd but get hit in the face by a ball could the ceramic ones shatter? (I'm a goalkeeper) Do... READ MORE

Metal VS. Ceramic Braces and Tooth Extraction?

I considered all my options (from invisalign to hollywood smile to lingual braces). I finally decided to go with traditional braces but not sure... READ MORE

Why are dentists so reluctant to put clear braces on the bottom arch?

I see people with clear braces but they have metal on the bottom. I heard that that is because the brackets on the bottom might wear away the top... READ MORE

Could I wear retainers at night only and still get results?

Hi, I just shifted from lingual retainers for almost two years to wearing metal retainers. My dentist told me that after 2yrs. of wearing the lingual,... READ MORE

Which retainer is best for lower teeth, metal or clear?

I just finished my treatment for 3 and a half years wearing braces and now i was advised to have clear retainers but for the first week i feel sick... READ MORE

Is it necessary that I get an maxillary labial frenulectomy to close my gap using traditional metal braces? (photos)

I don't want it completely closed but I do want the width of the much smaller gap equal all the way down READ MORE

The glue part for one of the metal pieces wore off (braces). It's not attatched anymore. Should I do something about it? (Photo)

I recently just got bracers a week and a half ago and my next appointment with the orthodontist is in 4 and a half weeks READ MORE

Broken retainer. Should I just get new metal retainers?

I am a little unhappy with how my teeth have moved after braces even though i have worn my retainer every night. My retainers are 7 years old and... READ MORE

Problems with retainers. What are my options?

I got my metal braces off about 7 years ago. I have worn my retainers every single night since then. However my teeth have still moved due to some... READ MORE

Can I change from clear damon braces to the metal ones?

I opted to get the clear braces on my top teeth and they are twice the size of my metal brackets on my lower teeth. It makes kissing and eating more... READ MORE

In metal braces, during the procedure do they hurt? (Photo)

My teeth are very outward..while i laugh,it really looks very bad.. READ MORE

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