Malocclusion + Braces

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Ceramic Braces for Poor Occlusion? (photo)

I am a 19 year-old female who already had braces as a teenager. However, in the time since I've had my braces off (2+ years), my jawbone has grown,... READ MORE

Is This Malocclusion Class 2, Division 2? (Photos)

I'm 29, and I've wanted to fix my crowding problem. I recently saw an ortho, and was told that I needed jaw surgery to fix this problem properly,... READ MORE

I have a Class 3 Malocclusion underbite, I am given two options when I went for my consultation; please help me to choose?

Option1:Orthodontics treatment bringing the lower tooth units inside producing normal bite without extractions but the lower jaw would still be the... READ MORE

Will Braces Fix My Overbite?

I have a class 2 malocclusion and it is a result of my underdeveloped chin. I plan on getting a sagittal split osteotomy in the future to move my... READ MORE

Will a palatal expander work for me? (Photo)

I just recently turned 20, I think I have a class 1 malocclusion my jaw is quite narrow as are the arches of my teeth. I'd like to know if a palate... READ MORE

What is the best treatment plan?

I have malocclusion class 2 div 2 .. also my centrals are retroclined a little bit .. my lateral incisors are rotated.... I consulted an ortho and he... READ MORE

I have crowded teeth, class 2 malocclusion and TMD. I'm getting braces to straighten teeth; could they make the TMD worse?

Hi, I am 26 years old and have been suffering from TMD for the last 7 years. I have crowded teeth for which I am getting braces not for the TMD the... READ MORE

Do I need braces or a retainer?

Personnally it will be better to have a retainer rather than braces. My down teeths look very good but the upper looks awful.i think that i have... READ MORE

My surgeon cancelled my upper/lower jaw surgery 2 days out. Any suggestions? (photos)

Help! chronic headaches, chewing/biting issues, jaw/muscle soreness. in braces for over 3 yrs.1st 2 bicuspids removed due to crowding. Then... READ MORE

Class III malocclusion - will braces be enough to fix my case or will I need surgery? (Photo)

Hi I'm wanting to get my underbite fixed I think my case is pretty mild but have read a lot of conflicting things on if braces alone can fix it or if... READ MORE

My problem is bimaxillary protrusion class 1 malocc, Do I have to do the surgery or braces can do the treatment? (photos)

I will drag some of my smile pictures before braces so that you can see my case. I have got clear braces one month ago and I will take off 4 molars... READ MORE

25 Year Old Slow Expansion with HAAS?

I am a 25 year old female undergoing slow expansion with HAAS. I have a class 3 malloclusion/crossbite. I am first trying the slow expansion for a... READ MORE

Can you tell me what kind of bite this is?

I've clearly got some kind of malocclusion going on - not to mention a lip incompetence - but I'd like to get a professional's description of it, so... READ MORE

When to extract teeth when getting Braces? Extractions add over a year to the treatment time yet not required? Confused. (photo)

I was diagnosed as a Class 2 Div 2 Malocclusion with .8mm Overbite and .4mm Overjet. I definitely want to go the Damon braces route. My concern is... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for TMJ and class 2 malocclusion after Braces?

My daughter had braces age 12-14 to correct a deep bite, overbite and crooked teeth. A year after braces were off, she began getting audible clicking... READ MORE

Will my teeth be fixed with just braces? (photos)

I have an 8-9mm overjet and an anterior openbite with class 1 malocclusion will this be fixed with braces alone or will I need a le fort 1 jaw surgery? READ MORE

Do I need to extract bottom premolar teeth for braces and mandibular advancement? (Photo)

I have a Class II Malocclusion about 5mm that has been the center of much bullying. My orthodontist require me to have my two of my bottom premolar... READ MORE

When can I start wearing braces?

I'm only a 13 year old student, having Class III: Mesiocclusio and crossbite. I've actually consulted a local orthodontist and all he said was that I... READ MORE

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