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Can I Expect Severe Mouth Pain and Headaches with Braces?

For how long after the installation of dental braces can I expect severe mouth pain and headaches? Is it common to always have pain as long as I have... READ MORE

Should I consider braces or invisalgn I was a thumb sucker since age 4 I quit cold turkey at age 21 im 24 now?

I wasn't going to get my teeth fixed until they started causing me to have headaches and gum pain! my speech is a little horrible because I can't say... READ MORE

My surgeon cancelled my upper/lower jaw surgery 2 days out. Any suggestions? (photos)

Help! chronic headaches, chewing/biting issues, jaw/muscle soreness. in braces for over 3 yrs.1st 2 bicuspids removed due to crowding. Then... READ MORE

Deep bite issue with class 2div 2 malocclusion. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am having sensitivity in my lower teeh because of deep bite.. My third molars are also impacted. But my dentist said dont waste your money and time... READ MORE

Misaligned bite, and get headaches as well as hearing popping clicking sounds in my jaw. Do I need braces?

I have a misaligned bite. I get headaches when I wake up, after I get done eating, clenching my jaw, and running. I hear poping/ clicking sounds I'm... READ MORE

I recently start having headaches and I've never had them before. The only change is my braces. Could this be the cause?(photo)

I have anxiety, and hypothyroidism. I take Wellbutrin, synthroid, and also get b12 injections monthly- but never had headaches before the braces. READ MORE

Does my crossbite require fixing? (Photo)

Hi there, I received braces 2 years ago which have made my teeth straight but I don't feel like it has addressed problems that I have been getting for... READ MORE

What kind of treatment do I need? Do I need braces or something? (Photo)

I have tmj I have a cross bite I can not smile with my teeth at all they sit directly on top of each other it hurts to open my mouth to wide my jaw... READ MORE

Will I need braces now that my wisdom teeth are coming in?

I have moderate crowding on the lower arch and my bottom teeth fit entirely in the upper arch with the exception of a bottom canine that touches the... READ MORE

What do you recommend I do to fix the asymmetry in my jaw? (Photo)

At 16 I had frequent popping on the left side of my jaw and I noticed that my jaw was asymmetrical. My orthodontist tried to hide the asymmetry by... READ MORE

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