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When is a Retainer Used Rather Than Braces?

I would rather not get braces to correct my crooked teeth. How effective are retainers when used as an alternative to braces? READ MORE

How Are Clear Braces Different from Metal Braces?

Are clear braces still available as an alternative to metal braces? I don't mean invisalign, but the actual orthodontic braces that are tooth-colored. READ MORE

Braces And/or Invisalign for Crooked Canine Teeth? (photo)

Hi, I'm interested in treating my crooked canine teeth (photos attached) but I'm not sure what the best solution. I'm not worried about my... READ MORE

Invisalign After Traditional Braces - Worth the Money?

I'm 35 years old and had traditional braces 15 years ago. Because I didn't wear my retainer, my lower set of teeth have shifted quite a bit.... READ MORE

What's the Difference Between a Dentist and an Orthodontist?

My daughter wants to fix her smile and our dentist said he could put braces on. However, my friend said I should see an orthodontist. What's the... READ MORE

Braces Vs Dental Facelift Procedure

Im 41, have an over bite, grind my teeth and have the type of tmj that is muscular. I like the size and shape of my teeth but some of my teeth are... READ MORE

Damon Clear Braces Vs Ceramic Clear Braces?

For me it looks like that "Damon clear braces" and "Ceramic clear braces" same except for the following reasons: 1) Damon clear braces reduces the... READ MORE

How Much Do Braces Cost for Teenagers Compared to Adults?

Is it more difficult to correct the teeth if more time passes? What are common problems that can result if a teenager decides to wait until becoming... READ MORE

Damon Clear Braces Vs Invisalign for an Open Bite? (photo)

I am 43 yr old with an anterior open bite, minor cross bite and some minor crowding issues. I had braces from age11-15 includ. a plate expander. I am... READ MORE

What Key Factors and Benefits Are Considered when Choosing Between Metal Braces and Surgical Alternatives?

What would be the most reliable option for having a healthy bite and reduce the risk of further problems later? When is surgery needed? READ MORE

Best Option for Me, Braces or Invisalign? (photo)

-Upper and lower teeth are crowded -Upper front teeth bite further forward than they should in relation to the lower front teeth (Increased overjet)... READ MORE

Are Clear, Plastic, or Porcelain Braces Used on the Upper and Lower Teeth?

I recently went to a dentist to discuss having traditional braces or invisalign. He is recommending traditional braces for my case. I suggested I... READ MORE

Braces or Crowns? (Photo)

I am a 49 year old woman with seriously crooked bottom teeth. I'm not sure which is best for me, braces or crowns or veneers. If I get braces, I don't... READ MORE

Braces or Dental Implants?

I have two missing teeth (pre-molars) on the lower jaw. I am currently in braces to straighten the teeth to prepare for an implant on the left side. I... READ MORE

Do I need braces to pull down my canine tooth or could I do Invisalign? (photo)

Hi, Was just wondering would I need braces to pull down my canine or could I do Invisalign? READ MORE

47 yr old male considering braces to straighten teeth & make smile wider. Should I go for Invisalign or braces? (photo)

Ideally I would like to go with Invisalign. Several Orthodontist/Dentists consults have resulted in various advise. One advised to have one tooth... READ MORE

Is there anything other than traditional braces for me? (Photo)

My teeth have gradually gotten worse over the years. I have completely neglected getting them fixed...Huge mistake. Now they've gotten so crowded that... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Invisalign and Regular Braces?

What is the difference between Invisalign and regular braces? Which is more effective? READ MORE

NHS or Private Treatment?

I am in a position to get my crossbite fixed and unerupted tooth extracted along with straghtened teeth for £3000 via orthodontic work, (just... READ MORE

Teeth Shifted to an Overjet, but Still Straight. Braces, Invisalign or Retainers? (photo)

1 year after losing my retainers, my teeth have shifted a lot. Would I be able to move them back with just retainers, or do I need to get braces? If I... READ MORE

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