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I Just Got a Palatal Expander, Will It Close My Gap Before I Get Braces in 3 Weeks?

Everyones making fun of the gap in my two front teeth. Im getting my braces in like 3 weeks I dont have to turn my expander anymore. I was wondering... READ MORE

After closing a 3mm gap with frenulum, my upper incisors are not squarely positioned. Any suggestions?

I have been wearing braces since 6 months to close a 3mm gap between my upper incisors which are fairly big. Orthodontist applied brazes on the bottom... READ MORE

Will my teeth close if I keep wearing the braces? Or should I just remove them! (photos)

I got my braces last November and im still not satisfied with the result, my front teeth are not perfectly pushed backwards and they have little... READ MORE

How long will it take for my two extraction gaps to close? (photos)

I'm 15 years old and I've had my braces for 5 months. I always thought I had near perfect teeth, except for my 9mm overbite/overjet. My teeth are... READ MORE

My bite turbo came off. Should I call my doctor?

I have an overbite so the orthodontists put in 2 bite turbos. One fell out a while ago and they said it was ok, but my second one came out so i was... READ MORE

I'm 34 yrs old. What is the best way to close the teeth gap? (photos)

2mm teeth gap in the front teeth for more than 10 years. Now I am 34 years old. 1) front two teeth has about 2 mm gap, each side also has one gap.... READ MORE

Would I be able to get braces? (photos)

I am 16, I've had a space between my teeth forever and I want then closed! READ MORE

My question , how many days or months should they stay closed to not open back? (Photo)

I have open bite and i've been wearing braces for 5 months I use elastics at night, sometimes in the morning after wearing the rubber bands my bite... READ MORE

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