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What Do You Recommend for Me? I'm Unhappy With My First Round of Braces.

I just got off braces and getting an all ceramic crown for that front tooth you see. I currently have a temporary crown which sucks badly. I feel like... READ MORE

Can I Have Ceramic Braces Only for Upper Jaw to Address Diastema? (photo)

I have large gap between my maxillary central incisors although my mandibular teeth are perfect. Can I have ceramic braces only for upper jaw? will it... READ MORE

Ceramic Braces for Poor Occlusion? (photo)

I am a 19 year-old female who already had braces as a teenager. However, in the time since I've had my braces off (2+ years), my jawbone has grown,... READ MORE

Thinking About Getting Ceramic Braces. What Do You Think? (photo)

Hey! I would appreciate if you could look at the picture and tell me how can i improve my smile using braces? What needs to be corrected? READ MORE

Is This Acceptable Result of Treatment: 3/4 of the Teeth Fit Perfectly with Each Other but the Ones Were the Open Bite Was Dont?

My son had class III malocclusion, under bite, and posterior open bite. He had an expander and ceramic braces. At the end there is a mild midline... READ MORE

I have a minor spacing issue in my upper teeth, and overjet. How long would alignment last with self-ligating ceramic braces?

How many months and how often would I have to visit the dentist? How are these braces compared to invisible aligners? READ MORE

What is your opinion when it comes to ceramic vs metal braces?

I have a 11 year old who will be getting braces soon. Her teeth aren't horribly crooked but enough where they recommend braces. The Orthodontist went... READ MORE

What is the difference between silver and white archwires in ceramic braces?

I am getting braces soon and I am pretty nervous. I see that some ceramic braces have silver archwire and some have white ones. What is the difference... READ MORE

How much time would it take for braces to fill the front gap? (Photo)

I have put in braces(ceramic ones) from an orthodontist a week ago.He is giving a time frame of 2 years.I am 23 years old and would like to know,how... READ MORE

Can I still have ceramic braces even if my front teeth has had root canal and a crown that was attached with a dental pivot?

What i have is an artificial crown attached to the root of a tooth by a usually metallic pin —called also pivot crown.... what im scared is that it... READ MORE

1 week post op ceramic braces, my lower lip came forward as if it is swollen. Is this normal? (photos)

7 days back i started teeth braces,,now i observe that my lower lip was swollen and it came a little bit front,,,,thats mainly due to braces which... READ MORE

How effective are ceramic braces compared to metallic braces in my case? How long will it take to set the bite? (Photo)

History -wore braces for over 2.5 years as the right upper canine was a milk tooth and the permanent was stuck inside my palate. -have a tongue... READ MORE

Metal VS. Ceramic Braces and Tooth Extraction?

I considered all my options (from invisalign to hollywood smile to lingual braces). I finally decided to go with traditional braces but not sure... READ MORE

ceramic braces to correct overcrowding through tooth removal in 8mm overjet case for aesthetic benefits

I'm 34yrs male with 8mm anterior overjet and increased overbite with Class 2 malocclusion and crowding. no functional problems yet. Plan using ceramic... READ MORE

The wire in my lower molar band is hurting my right cheek. Are there any different molar bands that can hide the wire?

Hello ! I have my ceramic braces on since two months. My orthodontist recently fixed braces in my lower arch as well. The problem is that the wire in... READ MORE

2 weeks after placing Ceramic Braces, my teeth feel tender when I eat, will this lessen?

So about two weeks ago I got ceramic braces my teeth still feel tender when I eat is this something that will occur through out the whole treatment or... READ MORE

Can I finish straightening my teeth without braces? (photo)

I have had ceramic braces on for almost a year and a half. Almost all of my teeth are aligned except for an impacted canine. I was hoping to get my... READ MORE

I'm 23 yrs old w/ slight over crowding for the front teeth. I'm about to have braces. How long will the treatment take? (photo)

...I've had 2 extractions for my I think left and right upper 6? (not wisdom, not the first back molar but the one before that) and about to have a... READ MORE

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