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How Much Do Braces Cost for Teenagers Compared to Adults?

Is it more difficult to correct the teeth if more time passes? What are common problems that can result if a teenager decides to wait until becoming... READ MORE

I have a gap where an adult tooth never grew in. Will I Need Braces to close the gap? (photo)

I had a baby tooth that had a cavity in it. After X-rays the dentist found out that I didn't have a adult tooth underneath. The dentist decided to... READ MORE

I just got my braces off after 5 years. I noticed I had a couple cavities where the bands were at. Will they have to be pulled?

My teeth dont hurt my the cavities are pretty big I don't wanna have to get them pulled if I don't have to after going threw all those years of braces READ MORE

What are procedures that can remove cavities that formed during the course of having braces?

I have braces and I didn't really take good care and I'm pretty sure there are cavities that formed on my left canine and lateral incisor tooth. I'm... READ MORE

Should I wait to get my cavities filled until after my braces come off?

I've had braces for 14 months, need another 4, but think I have multiple cavities. My parents are against x-rays so I haven't had them for over 16... READ MORE

Moving Two Teeth, #23 & #6? (photo)

I have had a history of bad teeth: crooked, cavities, 2 root canals, and 3 crowns. I have at long last gotten all of the health issues dealt with, but... READ MORE

I get my braces off next week, I have a cavity, need a cleaning and 2 veneers but I dont like my dentist. Can I switch? (photo)

I get my braces off next month after two years. I had bonding in between my two front teeth from 14 years ago. I got braces thinking I could... READ MORE

Can someone give me an opinion in regards to my problems with my teeth? I'm currently wearing braces.

To make a long story short, I have developed a mouthful cavities since wearing my braces. I brought this to the attention of both my Orthodontist and... READ MORE

Will braces help my case?

I have an open bite and i'll use braces and do speech therapy. I also have gingivitis and a few missing teeth because i am prone to cavities so i'm a... READ MORE

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