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How Can I Fix my Retainer Without Seeing my Orthodontist? (photo)

My retainer broke two months ago, it only on the back of the upper left and bottom right, my top teeth have shifted a little. I was thinking that my... READ MORE

Is Surgery the Only Solution to Fix Mandible?

My daughter just turned 16 this month and she already had braces in the lower teeth, but we have noticed that her lower teeth are pointing outwards... READ MORE

My Retainers Have Cracked in Middle and Teeth Have Moved, Can I Move Them Back?

I had my brace off nearly 2 years ago and have worn my retainers every day/night. My front teeth were crooked and the retainers have cracked in the... READ MORE

Will my Retainer Still Work if Broken Without Missing Pieces?

My retainer cracked in half while I was cleaning it. There is no pieces missing and when I put them on it locked together while I still felt the... READ MORE

My brackets keep breaking and my orthodontist is threatening to cancel the treatment?

My brackets keep coming of. I do not think it has anything to do with what i am eating as i always eat soft food and make sure any hard food i eat i... READ MORE

Broken Retainer - Can I Glue it? (photo)

I was woundering if i could glue my retainer back together because im at school currently so i can't just go back to my homestate and go to my... READ MORE

Broke a Little Bit off of my Retainer? (photo)

Do I have to get a new one? where the X looking wire is , a little bit of the plastic broke off but it really didnt make any difference. READ MORE

Is my retainer broken or is it nothing to worry about?

I was angry when I came home to put on my retainer and it looks like a piece broke off? The wires still look intact and I was able to place it into my... READ MORE

My Retainer has broken?

I have a clear plastic retainer and the top retainer on the left has snapped and if i touch it it will snap into going to the orthodontics in a... READ MORE

Please help I'm sick over this. I cracked my retainer? (photo)

My top retainer fell out when i was sleeping. I woke up relized it was missing and looked for it. I found it, i must have rolled over it. It is... READ MORE

I felt a tiny piece of my retainer way at the front-middle section come off. Should I call my orthodontist?

It was such a tiny piece I didn't worry about it and threw it away. Should I call my orthodontist? I have clear retainers. I've had them on since August. READ MORE

How can I get my teeth straight again?

I had braces around 3 years ago and then wore retainers every night for around a year and then they broke and thought it would be fine and they... READ MORE

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