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My Teeth Arent Perfectly Aligned. My Orthodontist Doesn't See the Problem? (photo)

I've had braces in 7 months to fix an overbite and openbite. My orthodentist managed to bring my central incisors closer to my lower teeth, relieving... READ MORE

Extra Tooth (Mesiodens) Removal. Expert Advice Needed? (photo)

I have a mesiodens tooth between my two front teeth.Is it possible to remove the extra tooth and align my teeth perfectly? How long it will take to... READ MORE

My Midline Asymmetry is Off? (photo)

I got my braces removed a few months ago, and before they were removed I noticed that my two top teeth were about 1.5mm to the left and not aligned... READ MORE

I Have Braces, But Afraid That My Incisors Are Not Aligned to my Philtrum (photo)

I have been wearing braces for three years now. My concern is that my incisors are still not aligned with my philtrum. I know that my braces can... READ MORE

Removing Only One Lower Premolar?

My lower teeth are not centrally aligned, they're shifted to right and are quite overcrowded with the canines partially overlapping the lateral... READ MORE

What are my best choices for aligning my teeth? (photo)

I am 53 with healthy teeth and I want to improve my smile. Many of my teeth are crooked, wedged or angled. Is bonding and braces my best options given... READ MORE

How can I get my tooth back to where it was? It is so painful (Photo)

What can I do to have my tooth back in line and white!?! how do I stop the pain? READ MORE

Would braces or Invisalign be more effective for my teeth, crooked with no spacing? (photos)

I am twenty-four and have very crooked teeth with no spacing. I was told that I needed braces when I was about eleven but my parents could not afford... READ MORE

How should I correct my teeth when I haven't worn my retainers for almost 2 years? (photos)

I got my braces off 2 years ago but only worn my retainer for about 3 months after getting them off. I have noticed my teeth in the front are angleing... READ MORE

I've had braces on for 9 months now but my jaws are not aligned and there are gaps. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had braces on for 9 months now but my jaws are not aligned and there are gaps. Is this normal? I am suppose to have braces for 22 months and my... READ MORE

If Your Teeth Have Shifted After Braces, Can Wearing a New Retainer Fix It?

I stopped wearing my retainer but I feel like I really need to start wearing it again. My old one doesnt fit too well so can getting a new retainer... READ MORE

Braces Again for Shifted Midline? (photo)

I had my braces off for 1 yr when I lost my top essix retainer. I waited 4 days to replace, but my molds weren't saved so they took a new one. With... READ MORE

Teeth Alignment and Gums? (photo)

Hi,can braces pull my molar closer to my pre molar to fill the gap where i had my molar removed? if it can,how long would it take ? and im not sure... READ MORE

How to Correct This Bite? What Would Be the Estimated Cost in Ontario, Canada and Would It Involve Tooth Removal? (photo)

I had a slight gap between front incisors of upper jaw so wore a retainer for correction as advised by doctor for 2 years with adjustments.... READ MORE

Can my teeth be aligned correctly? Missing upper left lateral incisor. (photo)

Had my top left lateral incisor exactred as a kid. Got braces 11 months ago, my ortho extracted my bottom left first pre-molar. I have been wearing... READ MORE

I Think I Have Severe Midline Shifting. is This Treatable?

Well i noticed that my two front teeth werent aligned with my nose. it wasnt that noticable but they started shifting more. my right front tooth is... READ MORE

Options for teeth contouring? My dentist has said there are no major alignment issues that need to be corrected with braces.

I am generally satisfied with my smile but there are a few (hopefully minor) issues: R incisor is slightly forward, which can part the lips when I'm... READ MORE

Can Braces Make my Face More Oval and Does It Aligns the Teeth to the Horizontal Level on Its Own?

I had only a minor alignment problem.My right lower canine was protruding in front and as a result the teeth in the corresponding upper jaw were... READ MORE

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