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2 Years Post-op + Braces

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My Retainers Have Cracked in Middle and Teeth Have Moved, Can I Move Them Back?

I had my brace off nearly 2 years ago and have worn my retainers every day/night. My front teeth were crooked and the retainers have cracked in the... READ MORE

Can my Ortho Make my Teeth Appear Smaller?

I've had my braces off for about two years now but have never been completely satisfied with the length of my two front teeth. I'm also bothered that... READ MORE

One Small Tooth Problem After Braces? (photo)

It's been near 2 years after my braces have been taken off. This summer, one of the wires supporting my front teeth broke. It has been 2 months and I... READ MORE

How Do I Get my Teeth Back to Being Straight ? (photo)

I got my braces off two years ago and I do casually wear my plates at night. I have two different ones (clear one and one with the metal wire) about a... READ MORE

Will a Palatal Expander Ruin my Nosejob? (Pictures!)

Hi Im 18 and had a nosejob about two years ago. When I was 11 my orthodontist said I had a crossbite and gave me a palatal expander. It stretched my... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Retainers to Make Your Bite Feel Different? Will I Need Braces Again? (photo)

My braces were taken off about two years ago, and I wore my retainer all the time. The problem was whenever I took off my retainer to eat, my bite... READ MORE

My Lower Jaw is Not in Its Right Place After 2yrs of Braces. Am I a Candidate for Surgery?

Hi. My lower jaw is not in its right place after having 2 years braces . I mean when I eat It clicks from the inside causing my family to feel bad and... READ MORE

Two front teeth are moving forward and it affects my mouth, how can it fixed without braces? (photo)

I got my braces off 2 years ago and got that permanent retainer thing. 6 months ago, I've noticed that little spaces started opening between my upper... READ MORE

Do i use lingual braces only for the two teeth? (photo)

I am a 17 year old who had braces 2 years back. I removed them within 11 months & didn't use the removable braces too, later. Mostly my teeth are... READ MORE

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