1 Week Post-op + Braces

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Does my Crossbite Need to Be Corrected? (photo)

I had my braces put on last Thursday and my ortho discussed with me all the issues they want the braces to fix. Crowding was one of them and I thought... READ MORE

Power Chains For Two Months, Noticed Five Days Later The Space is Back?

I had power chains for about two moths and I got them taken off on Tuesday but today five days later I noticed that the space in the front of my teeth... READ MORE

Is it normal for your tooth to be loose after taking off Braces?

I just took my braces off a week ago and I have retainers now! My two front tooth are a little bit loose just a little, it feels loose! Is it normal!... READ MORE

Teeth Moved-Braces Removed 5 Days Ago?

I had my braces removed on a Monday. The orthodontist gave me a removable retainer and a bonded retainer was placed on the back of my front top &... READ MORE

1 week post op ceramic braces, my lower lip came forward as if it is swollen. Is this normal? (photos)

7 days back i started teeth braces,,now i observe that my lower lip was swollen and it came a little bit front,,,,thats mainly due to braces which... READ MORE

Should I Be Worried About One Front Tooth Starting to Protrude a Week After Getting Braces Off? (photo)

I got my braces off a week ago, and already one front tooth is starting to protrude a bit. My teeth are generally quite crowded, and it seems that it... READ MORE

Permanent teeth moving after braces??

I got my braces about 6 days ago. Today I noticed 2 of my bottom teeth moving, like literally wiggling when I touched it. All of my teeth are... READ MORE

Why do my teeth look wonky? (photos)

I had my braces of about a week ago but I had to have one of my front. Tooth filled in with something I don't no what it's called but I had it filled... READ MORE

The Bracket on my last molar fell off (Braces) What to do?

I just got my braces put on about 4-5 days ago, and the bracket on my last molar fell loose. I tried to fix it, but then it fell off! My next... READ MORE

How long is it supposed to take for swollen gums to be completely normal after braces?

I have had braces for 2 years now and throughout the entire process, I have been dealing with swollen gums. My ortho told me that this happens to... READ MORE

Why is my orthodontist taking my braces off when I still have spaces in my teeth? (Photo)

My orthodontist told me that i will get my braces off next time I go in (8 days) my teeth and bite are all perfect, but I have a gap by both canine... READ MORE

Sharp pain in tooth now that I have braces!

I've only had braces for about 6 days now, I have to wear elastics on my canines over night. The past couple days, I've been getting this really bad... READ MORE

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