1 Month Post-op + Braces

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Cons of Extracting 2 Upper Bicuspids?

Im 15 & just got braces about a month ago. My canines are protruding a little but not a lot. My ortho gave me 3 options to fix my overbite.... READ MORE

I Have a Crossbite(right Side Upper Teeth) and Tmj. Are Braces the Best Fix for Me?

I am 34 and just got braces put on a month ago. I went to the dentist a day ago and he was not sure braces were the best option for my issues. He was... READ MORE

Braces Removed After a Month, Will Teeth Move Back to Exact Position?

I had to have my bottom braces removed as my tmj was so aggravated i was in agony, my orthodontist said they will move back (back being the operative... READ MORE

I've had my braces on for one month, and I want them removed ASAP!

I've had my braces on for a month, the Ortho never once said anything to me about root resorption , never explained anything to , just that I have... READ MORE

My palate expander is making my teeth crooked? (photos)

I have recently gotten my braces in the last month, and I just got my palate expander two weeks ago. I had an expander and teeth removed when I was... READ MORE

How Do I Cancel Contract /get Refund After Ending Brace Treatment After a month?

I made a wrong choice... I started my treatment on 9/17/14. Every week I will have a broken bracket! Right now as I'm sending u this email.. I have 3... READ MORE

I had my wires for one month (since July 18th). How much longer do you think it will be until my gaps close?

When I was 4 I fell down the steps and lost my upper row left central incisor both baby and permanent which made my upper left lateral incisor start... READ MORE

I got my braces off a month ago and my bottom teeth have moved a bit because I didn't wear my retainer. What are my options?

I have been starting wearing and am always going to because I'm upset about it, I put a lot of money and time to have them. My question is.. Do you... READ MORE

My back bracket came off ! What should I do ? Do I make a appointment right away?

-Its about almost a month. -My teeth doesn't hurt a lot like it uasally does , like after the first few days it stops hurting but the first few days... READ MORE

Can they stop treatment?

My daughter has had braces for 4 weeks and she has broken them twice and now is scared of eating in case she breaks them again as she is only allowed... READ MORE

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