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Can Botox Be Used to Treat TMJ?

My question is about using botox for treatment of TMJ sydrome & also getting benefits of cosmetic appearance. I'm a 49 year old white male that... READ MORE

Is Botox My Best Bet For Pebble Chin Treatment? Costs?

I'm 19 years old and have developed what I believe is called "pebble chin". When I smile my chin has little bumps and lumps on it and it... READ MORE

Are Botox Injections Effective to Treat TMJ Syndrome?

I am 27 years old. I developed TMJ Syndrome this year because of the massive amounts of stress in my work and personal life. I do things to various... READ MORE

Who Should Inject Botox for TMJ?

Should I seek a dentist or dermatologist or plastic surgeon? READ MORE

Side Effects of Botox Injections for TMJ?

I had Botox injections in my face due to TMJ problems. My TMJ was caused due to trama to my face a year and a half ago. My oral surgeon injected... READ MORE

What is a Permenent Cure for Masseter Hypertrophy?

I have TMJ caused by masseter hypertrophy and for the past several years have been treated using botox, and have recently tried dysport and Xeomen.... READ MORE

Botox in Cheek Muscles?

Hello, I have TMJ and my facial muscles, especially in the cheek area, are constantly contracting, making it increase in muscle size. This is very... READ MORE

Botox to Masseter Muscle for TMJ, Bad Side Effects?

I have recently had Botox to my Masseter muscles as I clench all the time, have a very strong jaw and suffer with TMJ, neck pain. I am not sure of the... READ MORE

Will Botox Help with TMJ Pain and Range of Motion?

I am considering Botox for my forehead, and hoping it will help with headaches. Will it allso help with TMJ? READ MORE

Botox for TMJ Made Jaw Worse

I have had a 20 year + TMJ issue. I got 20 ccs of botox on each side about 6 weeks ago. It helped, but I still had a dull pain, so the doctor had... READ MORE

Botox Jaw Reduction from Tmj In Right Masseter?

Had large masseter in right jaw and noticed botox helps with is. Saw someone last week who injected 20 units in my right jaw and 15 units in left-... READ MORE

I Have Suffered from TMJ for 30 Years. Night Guard Have Always Been my Savior. But Know It Doesn't Help. I Am Considering Botox?

I do not grind my teeth, but only clench them. But now after 30 years, and three children going through the college process, my night guide does not... READ MORE

What is the Scientific Reason That Botox Treatments Help Ease the Symptoms of TMJ?

Will the botox treatments give me lasting or temporary relief? How often do I need to get the botox treatments before I experience improvement in my... READ MORE

Does Botox Cause All over Body Weakness?

I've had botox 6 weeks ago in my jaw for tmj. 3 weeks following the injection I steaarted experiencing weak feelings in my muscles all over my body.... READ MORE

What should I do about crooked smile after Botox to treat bruxism and TMJ?

To treat bruxism & TMJ I had 50 units injected on each side to the masseter muscle and jaw joint. Immediately after, right cheek of my face was... READ MORE

Left with Swollen Feeling Months After Botox

Exactly one week after receiving Botox injections for the glabella (25 units) and the depressor anguli oris muscles (8 units per side) I developed a... READ MORE

Consented and Paid for Botox, Was Injected with Xeomen?

I recently consulted with a local dentist for an evaluation for Botox injections to treat my chronic TMJ. I am a nocturnal bruxer. Botox injections... READ MORE

I have an Uneven Jaw. Is this something Botox or fillers can help, or do I need surgery/ shaving the jaw bone?

I have a very asymmetric jaw line. I judged to have very bad TMJ & jaw clicking for years after my braces. While my teeth appear to be straight, my... READ MORE

NYC Doctor for TMJ Botox?

I just learned about botox for TMJ and am determined to find a doctor. Not knowing any that perform this treatment, where should I start to look?... READ MORE

is it normal to not see improvement 5 days after botox injections in the masseter muscles?

Hello, I had botox injections for TMJ 5 days ago in my masseters and in my trapezius muscles. I don't feel as much pain in the trapezius anymore but... READ MORE

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