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Under Eye Wrinkles Caused By Smiling - Will Botox/Fillers Help?

Hi When i smile i get these horrible lines caused by my cheeks pushing up and causing a fold - they dissapear when i smile. How can i treat these?... READ MORE

Botox to Fix Crooked Smile Goes Wrong

I had a very mildly crooked smile (right side rising higher than the other) which was not limited to my smile, but also when I talked. I was informed... READ MORE

Can't Fully Smile or Raise Cheeks after Jaw Reduction with Botox, Options?

I just got botox for jaw reduction done a week ago. I've done it before and love the result as it did slim my face. But this time, I went to... READ MORE

Cannot Smile After Botox Injected into Cheeks

I have had Botox many times around the eyes, but he has always put Restylane in my cheeks. I am not sure why he decided to us Botox in my cheeks. He... READ MORE

Botox Crooked Smile

I got botox around my mouth and it caused a crooked smile. Is there a way to fix this? READ MORE

Jawline Botox Affected my Smile, Will Facial Muscle Exercise Help Get my Smile Back? (photo)

4 Mo Seems Too Long to Recover my Smile. Last week I had 40 units of Botox (Xeomin) injected to the masseter to slim the jawline. My doctor had 15 yrs... READ MORE

Smiling Looks Odd After Botox In Chin, Will It Subside?

I posted a question about bumps after chin botox a few wks ago.The problem resolved in a few days, and yesterday my Dr. indicated that there was still... READ MORE

Need to Fix Crooked Smile - Will Botox Work?

I've had a crooked smile - I think since birth. I think that it may be a problem with the side of my face - rather than just the smile - let me... READ MORE

Does Position Matter For Botox Injection?

I've seen it advertised to have patients lie in the Trendelenburg position while administering Botox. Supposedly the blood flowing to the face... READ MORE

Botox + Bruxism = No Smile?

I am familiar with Botox and have been treated before for crows feet, frown & forehead. However, I decided to try it for Bruxism, I grind my teeh... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Botox-induced Cheek Ptosis to Go Away?

The treatement effected my zygomatic muscle with awful results. I had Botox for crow's feet (1st treatment). It has been 3 months and my smile is... READ MORE

Botox's Gone Wrong (On my Chin and Jaw)? (photo)

In November 2012.I had Botox on my chin 4 units ( to make my chin longer said the doctor) and 30x2=60 units for jaw reduction . Two days after I had... READ MORE

Botox is Limiting my Smile, Do I Have Options?

I had botox between my eyes (frown lines) and crows feet two days ago. First timer. Between the eyes looks great and has given me a slight brow lift.... READ MORE

Is the Orbicularis Oculi Muscle Ever Frozen with Botox Injections?

I read the paragraph below on an article, and was wondering if this muscle is commonly or ever frozen by botox injections? "When... READ MORE

How Long Do Results Last After Botox for Gummy Smile?

After Botox treatment for gummy smile will the result stay forever? As from others' feedback, it will last about 4 month. Does it need maintenance of... READ MORE

Botox for Depressor Labii Inferioris to Control Chin Movement?

Hello, I have the opposite problem to chin dimpling. When I smile the tip of my chin flattens downward and curls under a bit. I would like to use... READ MORE

Lower Lid Won't Raise when Smiling After Botox for Eye Twitch

I got 2 units of botox injected right under the lower lash line in the middle of my lower left eyelid for an undereye twitch that just wouldn't go... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Chin Crease? (photo)

Im30 years old. I am writing to ask what i can do about the loss of volume shown in the photo. When i smile i have a fold on my chin and cheeks. Im... READ MORE

Botox Swelling and Ugly Smile from Radiesse

I went only for Radiesse around my mouth but the doctor said I should have the Botox done around my eyes as well. I then asked him if he could do... READ MORE

Could Regular Botox Injections to the Jaw Permanently Affect My Smile?

I have had Dysport injected into my jaw on 2 occasions and both times I experienced diffusion/spread into my mouth muscles, reesulting in an inability... READ MORE

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