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Tender Lumps and Swelling After Botox to the Forehead

I had botox injected in my forehead for the first time 48 hours ago. Soon after, I had some swelling at the injection site. I feel sick (flu like... READ MORE

Flu-Like Symptoms and Sore Throat w/ Botox?

A lot of reviews have mentioned flu like symptoms and a sore throat lasting quite a while after Botox, why is this and is it normal? Is it just a... READ MORE

Can Botox Make You Feel Ill?

I had Botox yesterday and felt fine, I was shopping for clothes afterwards and became very hot but I was still feeling well,then I had to run for the... READ MORE

Can Botox Make You Sick if It is Injected INTO a Vein Near my Eye?

Can Botox Make You Sick if It is Injected INTO a Vein Near my Eye? READ MORE

Why Does Botox Make Me Sick?

I had botox done a few years ago and 3 days after I got it I felt like I had very bad hangover. A few years later I tried it again convincing myself... READ MORE

Why Does Botox Sometimes Cause Flu-like Symptoms?

I keep hearing of people getting flu-like symptoms after having Botox. I have had it twice with no problems, but I'm wondering, can this reaction can... READ MORE

Dr. Put 60 Units Botox in my Forehead. I Have Never Been So Sick in my Life?

Please help.. I saw this plastic surgeon a week ago today who gave me 60 units of Botox between my eyes.. All week long I haven't been able to get out... READ MORE

Are These Normal Side Effects of Botox?

I Thought I Had Food Poisoning 2 Days After Having Botox and my Eyesight is Impaired  Very Hard to Go out Doors Because of Sun. Anyone else have... READ MORE

Am I Allergic to Botox?

I've had botox in my jawline 3 days ago. The first 24hrs after the shots, I couldn't get out of bed. Severe flu-like symptoms such as weakness,... READ MORE

Lost 4 months of my life after having botox for migraine?

After having Botox for migraines I couldn't lift my arms, had a hard time swallowinmg, had an irregular heartbeat and blood in my kidneys. I was in... READ MORE

Does Botox cause you to feel sick weeks after procedure ? Can it cause a systemic problem?

I recently got botox for the 3rd time and it feels like I get headaches with it and forehead always feels sore even Weeks after procedure or months... READ MORE

I need to find expert assistance with Botox Poisoning.

I am very sick and I have been very sick for three and a half months. Dear Doctors, you could not possibly imagine how terrifying it is to be poisoned... READ MORE

Three years post and Botox side effects are still making me sick - Will I ever get better?

Would someone please answer honestly about Botox Cosmetic making people sick? Everyone here says that Botox Cosmetic will wear off in 3-6 months and... READ MORE

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