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How is Botox Used to Reduce the Jaw Muscle?

Can botox be used to reduce, rather than enlarge or enhance, the jaw muscle? How natural is the final visual effect? READ MORE

Can I Reduce the Top of my Head and my Jaws? Has Been Swollen My Whole Life.

The two top sides of my head, above my ears and beside my forehead have always been swollen out as long as i can remember. i have noticed an increase... READ MORE

Does Everyone Who Offers Botox Treat the Masseter Muscle?

I'm interested in getting Botox and fillers done but I'm also wanting to get my masseter muscle reduced & I'm finding it difficult... READ MORE

Can Botox Injected on Thighs To Reduce Muscle Mass?

I followed the healthiest way to loss weight lately- exercise and balanced diet. I loss 5 kg in two months. However, my thighs grows a lot of muscles.... READ MORE

Can I use BOTOX to reduce my Cupids Bow? (Photo)

I want to reduce the look of my prominent Cupids Bow. I don't necessarily want it gone all together, but it's so intense I fear it almost gives the... READ MORE

Why are Botox injections needed for enlarged Masseter muscles?

You often say that botox injections are required for masseter muscles that have become enlarged because of excessive chewing or similar habits.... READ MORE

I want reduce my masseter muscle. Any suggestions?

I have super strong face muscle. I wanna reduce them in order to have a nice jawline. how can I do that´╝č and where should do the surgery ? READ MORE

Will Botox reduce over pronounced jaw/treat TMJ?

What sort of specialist do I consult to inject Botox into my masseter muscles in the hopes of a more feminine jawline? Does it matter if I consult a... READ MORE

is it true sunbeds/extreme heat will disintegrate botox?

Will using a sunbed or going on holiday reduce the effects of botox? READ MORE

How difficult would it be and how long would it take to use Botox to reduce the temporal muscles?

How difficult would it be and how long would it take to use Botox to reduce the temporal muscles, reducing the width of the head? I've seen before and... READ MORE

Botox to reduce masseter muscles.

Any recommendations for a well experienced doctor in the Orange County, CA area? READ MORE

Can I have Botox to reduce masseter muscles whilst on anabolic steroids (anavar)?

I am a female interested in getting botox to reduce the size of my masseter muscles, due to a wide jaw and something that I have always had from a... READ MORE

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