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Knot and Redness After Botox Injection

I had botox injections four days ago and still have a knot & redness at one of the injection sites. After researching the web, it is obvious the... READ MORE

Why Do I Still Have Red Dots and Can See Exactly Where Botox Was Injected Near Crows Feet? In This Permanent?

Some of 4 out of the 6 injection sites are still visible after 24 hrs. All the literature states they should resolve in redness after a few hrs. Is... READ MORE

Extremely Swollen Red Sore After Botox? (photo)

I have been getting Botox done for 7 years and no problems, other than some mild occasional bruising. I had a treatment yesterday on my frown lines,... READ MORE

Redness and Swelling Normal Day 5 After Botox? Dark Circles Also Look Worse.

I took botox 7 days agos and on day 5 I noticed that the region above the right cheek showed signs of redness and swelling (it's not the region... READ MORE

1st Time Botox Today, Half Dose, in Upper Forehead. Afraid I May Get Droopy Eyes Bc I Rubbed It? (photo)

Hi. First time botox today. No swelling or bruising just a lil red. Only half a dose in upper forehead but I wasn't aware I wasn't suppose to rub it... READ MORE

Redness on Forehead a Few Weeks Later As a Result of Botox--am I Having an Allergic Reaction?

I had botox (in my "11 lines" and above center of brow) for the first time in March and again at the end of June. The first time I had no side... READ MORE

Swelling and redness after Botox (Photo)

I got 45 units of Botox injected yesterday: forehead, between brows, crows feet. using Botox 8+ years. never experienced these symptoms before.... READ MORE

Can You Suggest Cause of This Problem? Recently Had Several Injections on my Face? (photo)

However the injections under my right eye are very swollen, red and painful. The injections are clearly visible. It has been 6 days. My dr suggested... READ MORE

Redness Months After Forehead Botox Injection?

Hi , I had a botox injection five months ago for frown lines and forehead . after one month, in midline of my forehead began redness and pain and it... READ MORE

After botox I have redness and orange peel texture between eyebrows and significantly worsened furrow lines. What should I do?

What do i furrow lines are now really deep, i have horizontal scratches between the lines and this strange orange peel texture...theres also... READ MORE

I had Botox a week ago and the bruise is still very red. How long does this type of bruise take to go away? (photos)

I have had Botox before and never had a bruise until now. One time my forehead felt numb, but that went away after a week or two. I do seem to bruise... READ MORE

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