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Raised Eyebrows and Drooping Lid After Botox

One week after my Botox injections, I started to have raised eye brows and drooping eyelids. What can I do to make them look normal again? I am... READ MORE

Botox Caused One Brow to Raise Higher Than the Other. What Can I Do?(photo)

Botox Cased One Eye Brow to Raise Higher Than the Other.Can the Lower One Be Raised to Meet It READ MORE

First Eyebrows Were Raised Now I Have No Eyelids?

It is exacly two weeks since I had my botox done. By the fourth day my brows were etremely raised up. On day seven I went back to the doctor to have... READ MORE

I Had my Right Eyebrow Raised Permanently After a Facial Injury, Can Botox Lower It? (photo)

I had a road traffic accident 4 years before in which i sustained facial injuries......i had a scar below my right eyebrow and my right eyebrow is... READ MORE

Lifted Eyelid After Botox?

I had botox done to erase crowfeet 6 days ago however i felt a numbness on my right side that night and when I woke up the following morning my right... READ MORE

Legit Botox? Was my Latest Experience Kosher?

From a (resident) physician to expert physicians. visit w/ board certified plastics doc Explicitly voiced: - frequent comments from others re: looking... READ MORE

Botox on Eyebrow?

Dear Dr i have 1 eyebrow raised more than the other one giving me a tired look on1 of my eyelids ive consulted a plastic surgeon and he told me that... READ MORE

Would droopy or highly-raised eyebrows from bad or leaked Botox cure itself before the Botox wears off?

Hi, would droopy or highly-raised eyebrows from bad or leaked Botox cure itself before the Botox wears off, or would it last for the duration of the... READ MORE

4 weeks post op Botox, additional lines at the top of my forehead appear. Is this normal?

I had my first Botox treatment on my forehead about 4 weeks ago. I'm a 36 year old athlete and mother and appeared tired looking in the mirror. I... READ MORE

Are there any complications due to Botox being injected into a vein that I should be concerned about?

I had botox for the first time today. The doctor injected a vein in my forehead twice. The vein is currently raised, painful and I have a headache.... READ MORE

Can botox fix the raised skin between my eyebrows? (Photo)

It's hard to see in the photos, but I have raised skin between my brows from furrowing them together. There is not really a wrinkle but this bothers... READ MORE

Did I get touch up too soon?

I received botox in my forehead 6 days ago. On day 3, the outer edge of one eyebrow was raised. On day 5 I saw the doctor again, he injected 1 unit... READ MORE

How much Botox should be used to lift or drop an eyebrow and where exactly should it be injected? (photos)

I have one eyebrow that has become "stuck" in a raised position and the other drooping. I have had Botox twice and this has got rid of my "angry 11s"... READ MORE

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