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Botox As a Preventive Measure - Antiaging

I'm young and am very concerned about aging. I've read that Botox can be used as a preventive measure, but couldn't find a lot of information about it... READ MORE

How to Prevent Wrinkles on Forehead and Between Eyebrow?

I'm a 25 year old female and I want to get Botox as a preventive treatment for wrinkles on my forehead and in between my eyebrows. On average how... READ MORE

Preventing Eye Ptosis from Botox?

I keep hearing more and more cases of eyelid ptosis or "droopy" or closed eye from Botox. Is there a way to decrease the chances of this... READ MORE

Botox at 29 As a Preventative Measure?

I just had a consult with a dermatologist because I am starting to develop some discoloration, fine lines around my eyes and crows feet when I smile.... READ MORE

Botox to Prevent Wrinkles?

I'm 25 and wondering if getting botox will prevent my faint wrinkles from increasing. Any research done on this? READ MORE

How Can I Avoid Wrinkles Until After 40? I Am 26 Now.

I have very good skin for my age. I am very careful with sunscreen (spf 70+ with zinc because I'm allergic to regular sunscreen) and I try to wear... READ MORE

I Have No Deep Lines,can Botox Prevent when I Get It Twice a Year from Getting Deeper Line

Iam 50 years of age,with no deep lines nor crincels around the eyes and mid forehead.i recieved over a period of 2 years 2 botox only 22 units on... READ MORE

How Many Units of Botox Would I Need to Prevent Eye Wrinkles? (Photos)

Hello I'm in my early twenties and would like to prevent wrinkles around my eyes. I currently do not have any deep permanent wrinkles so this would be... READ MORE

Botox to Fix Lines Around Eyes? (photo)

I am only 24 and have noticed a lot of very fine lines forming below my eyes. Would Botox work as a preventative measure? I don't want it to get any... READ MORE

Beta Blockers to Minimize Botox Bruising?

I posted a question about bruising with every Botox treatment & I received a lot of good answers. I have another question related to bruising... READ MORE

How to Prevent Wrinkles for As Long As Possible?

Hello, I am a 49-year-old Asian female. Currently I don't have any wrinkles or crows feet. I do have the nasolabial creases. Is there anything I can... READ MORE

Is Botox an Effective Option for Wrinkle Prevention?

I'm curious as to the usage of Botox for wrinkle prevention, in particular the forehead. I've been noticing a couple of wrinkles take shape on the... READ MORE

Is it possible to use Botox to prevent the smile from turning downwards without affecting upward smile?

Sorry I can't upload photos, I will try to describe in detail. I find myself tightening the chin area when I'm nervous and also making frown faces I... READ MORE

How Can I Protect my Skin and Specially Under Eye Area from Ageing? (photo)

I have just turned 26. i have oily skin. i don't smoke. i have seen some friends of mine with fine lines under eyes and on the side of their eyes... READ MORE

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