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2 weeks post op Botox and 1ml Juvederm, there are no change. Is there anything I can do? (photo)

Hi I had Botox for my frown lines and 1ml of jouverderm lip filler exactly two weeks ago. I've still total movement in my forhead and my lips look... READ MORE

20 units of Botox were injected into my forehead for horizontal lines. Will my brow drop improve? (photos)

48 hrs post injection I saw changes. My eyelids looked puffy. The inner corners of my eyes look different, hooded, heavy. Today has been 1 week. I'm... READ MORE

Hard lumps on head after botox which are still swollen after 3 days. Why did this happen? (Photo)

I had Botox injected 2 weeks ago and it was fine then I had my top up and within 12 hours all the injection sites had swollen to what looked like... READ MORE

Botox injections for fine lines under the eye going down the cheek bone. Why did it not work? (Photo)

Hi, I'm 33 and have fine lines from underneath my eye down my cheek bone when I smile. I got botox injections done May 1, 2014. It's been 3 weeks and... READ MORE

Droopy eye lid after botox treatment : Areas Glabella and Forehead (Photo)

This is my 3rd time getting botox in the areas mentioned above. Few days after the treatment my forehead felt very heavy and I my left eyelid dropped.... READ MORE

I'm 51 yrs old. Why Didn't my Doctor Give Me Enough Botox? (photo)

First time I had treatment, he gave me fillers and botox, and I was very,very impressed with the results. Then I came back for more botox, as I... READ MORE

I have a crooked smile after masseter/jawline Botox injection! What is it caused by and when will I recover? (photos)

I have med/large bite muscles and received botox on my jawline. I first rcvd 30U of botox on each side of my cheeks. Two wks later, I rcvd 10U on the... READ MORE

How can I get rid of wrinkles under eyes without Botox? Should I try Fraxel Laser or a Peel? (photo)

I have crinkles under my eye when I smile, it is my cheeks that are pushing into the eye area and cause the crinkles to form. I have botox every 6... READ MORE

Can botox be used to lift under my chin where it has become saggy? (Photo)

I mean where its like my chin goes to my throat instead of going back and then down. From my profile view if I lift my tongue to the roof of my mouth,... READ MORE

Dimples disappeared after Botox for Jawline Reduction (after)

I have had bruxism since I was a kid. My doctor recommended botox on my masseter muscles to weaken them. A nice side effect would be the slimming of... READ MORE

How can I cure wrinkles, creases & folds under my eyes cause by Botox to treat crows feet? (photo)

I have recently had botox for crows feet , since then I have become very aware of creases/ folds under my eyes.  I have had extra botox 5 units... READ MORE

How much of a brow lift can botox alone achieve? (photo)

As you can see from the photo, my eyebrows sit very low on my face, making my forehead look a fivehead. What can I realistically expect from botox... READ MORE

Shouldn't 30 units of botox be sufficient for glabellar 11's? (Photo)

I had 20 units of botox for my glabellar 11's. After 7 days, I wasn't pleased with the result - my lines were still quite pronounced. The doctor... READ MORE

Under eyes wrinkles didn't go away with Botox ( 3 times) , what are other alternatives? (photo)

I am 45 years old woman, i have an eye wrinkles problem that didn't go with botox for more than 3 times consecutively , and i think it got worth, i... READ MORE

Turned down mouth? (Photo)

The corners of my mouth turn down slightly, but there is also a turned down look that seems to extend past my mouth and down toward my chin. Can Botox... READ MORE

Can you be poisoned by too much Botox? (photo)

I have many friends who have warned me against putting "rat poison" in my face, which gives me pause. Is it possible to get poisoned by too much Botox... READ MORE

I am 36 and have fairly deep lines across my forehead: Should I have Botox or Filler? (Photo)

I have an expressive face when talking. I would like to reduce their appearance and have been told by a professional that I may not be happy with the... READ MORE

I have a crooked smile from botox. Is it from nefertiti or forehead botox? Please help (Photo)

A month ago I had nefertiti botox 50 units injected in jaw line. My smile has affected badly and can't stretch my mouth. few days before this I had... READ MORE

Static Glabellar Wrinkle - Filler or Botox? (photos)

Hello. I'm thinking of getting botox for my 'angry 11' wrinkles. The lines are always thre even if i'm not making any facial expressions. Do you think... READ MORE

23 years old. What are my BEST options? (Photo)

Hello! I am 23 from Austin. Aside from severe acne during teen years, I have never had issues w/ elasticity or wrinkles. Well, after 2 years of... READ MORE

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