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Is Botox Painful?

I hate needles more than anything becs of  pain.  irrational, i know. i heard botox cosmetic can be really painful to get injected. if thats... READ MORE

Tender Lumps and Swelling After Botox to the Forehead

I had botox injected in my forehead for the first time 48 hours ago. Soon after, I had some swelling at the injection site. I feel sick (flu like... READ MORE

Extremely Painful Botox Injections

I had my first ever botox injections yesterday and the injections were extremely painful! Is this normal? I read in different fora that they are not... READ MORE

Jaw Pain and Difficulty with Opening the Mouth Post-Botox

I had Botox for the first time, and got a bit too much on the mouth area. My jaw is sore, and I really try not to talk very much. Eating is okay, as... READ MORE

Are There Different Strengths or Concentrations of Botox?

I have noticed with the last 2 injections with the same amount and the same areas that the injection stings more, and has a dimished effect and does... READ MORE

Nerve Damage from Injection?

During a recent Botox injection, I experienced an unusual, searing pain that radiated from the injection site in my forehead straight back in a... READ MORE

Botox for Trigeminal Neuralgia?

I have severe trigeminal neuralgia after orbital decompression surgery for thyroid eye disease. I've been sent to the trash heap of 'pain... READ MORE

I Had Botox 3 Days Ago in my Forehead and Now I Have Horrible Pain. Normal?

I feel like I was hit in the head with a brick. I called the doctor and her assistant picked up and said the pain should go away in 3-4 days. Why is... READ MORE

Strange Painful Tingling After Botox on Forehead

After having Botox injected in my forehead, I have a strange painful sensation in my skin for one week following the injections. It's not bruised or... READ MORE

Sharp Pain After Botox on Forehead

I got botox on Monday of this week high on the forehead and noticed a sharp sensation at the top of my head when the doctor injected it in my forehead... READ MORE

Botox - Ten Days Later and I Feel As Though I Have Been Kicked in my Right Eye. Should I Be Worried?

I had Botox ten days ago for crows feet and forehead lines. Now when I screw up my eyes or blink hard the right eye feels bruised but I can't see... READ MORE

Botox for Neuralgia Pain Management?

Is it possible to inject Botox inside the mouth high up near the nose. I have neuralgia above two teeth in the gums near my nose.I get sharp pain in... READ MORE

I Am Having Eye Muscle Botox Injection Soon, How Long Before It's Safe to Travel by Airplane?

The procedure is relaxing the inside muscle, due to pulling/pain on outside muscle. small amount to be injected. I know that it takes a few days to... READ MORE

Pain After Botox for Several Days

I got Botox injections between my eyebrows 3 days ago. My firehead sores a lot! I can't touch the area where i got injections. I can't wash my... READ MORE

What to Do About Facial Pain and Headache from Botox?

What can I do for the facial pain and head ache that I have from a bad Botox experience? My brow fell down causing my eyelids to look like slits. ... READ MORE

Will Botox Help with TMJ Pain and Range of Motion?

I am considering Botox for my forehead, and hoping it will help with headaches. Will it allso help with TMJ? READ MORE

Botox EXTREMELY Painful Injection?

I've had botox a few times. No problems. Minimal pain... if any. I just got back from my appt. The injections were excruciating. To the point that I... READ MORE

Botox for an Anal Fissure: Do I Need to Delay Conceiving?

Also, seeing as I have already had botox for the anal fissure (had to as I was in a lot of pain), would having botox now for crow's feet make any... READ MORE

After Botox I Have One Eye That Will Only Open A Little Bit, What Should I Do?

It is now 25 days after botox i have left eye droopy eyelid the other bit open it is very painfull what can i do? He said a compress will help but... READ MORE

Can Botox Injections Enter Bone? I'm Having Pain Above My Nose.

Had my 2nd Botox treatment (1st was 3 1/2 mos. ago) and think my doctor went into the bone above my nose, just below frown lines, and it hurts a lot!... READ MORE

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