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Too Much Botox in Smokers Lines - No Movement, Cannot Speak Properly

I have smokers lines, which Im deeply unhappy about. Was recommended botox; $180 worth; and now only 1 day later my top lip is so numb I cannot speak... READ MORE

Botox Injection in Neck for Fibromyalgia: Now Have Extreme Side Effects

In one week I got muscle pains in the back of my neck. I could tolerate this but it got worse and actually moved down my neck to both shoulders and... READ MORE

Forehead and Between Eyebrows Feel Tight and Heavy After Botox?

I had 20 units Botox places in my Glabellar area 2 days ago. Ever since the injection, my forehead developed a very heavy/tight/numb feeling. My... READ MORE

Can Botox in the Forehead Cause a Numb Feeling in the Lips?

I had 14 injections a week ago in my forehead. Now, as it is taking effect, I'm also noticing a slight numbness in my lips - sort of like after... READ MORE

7 Weeks Post Botox and Experiencing Numbness and Tingling?

How do I know if my botox injector struck a nerve ? I recieved botox treatment 7 weeks ago 26 cc for in between the eye brows and am experiencing... READ MORE

Could I Have Post-Botox Side Effects Due to Taking Gabapentin?

Could the Drug Gabapentin Have Interacted with Botox and Caused the Eyebrow to Lower, Numbness and Headaches? READ MORE

Why Did I Feel As if Cold Liquid Dripped on my Cheek when I Was Injected with Botox for Crows Feet?

When I was injected with botox for crows feet I felt as if the botox leaked onto my face and was cold. I now think the botox was injected into a nerve... READ MORE

Numb Foot After Botox Injection - Normal?

I have CP and have periodical botulinum toxin inj in my legs performed by the consultant who manages my CP Care at the local hospital to help with my... READ MORE

I Have Slight Numbness Along Right Side of Facial Nerve Immediately Following Botox Injection. How Long Will This Last?

As soon as I was injected, I felt my eyelid droop a little bit and a weird sensation going around my eye to the cheek. Then I noticed that the right... READ MORE

Did my Energy Drink React with Botox Injections?

I had Botox yesterday afternoon above the brow line. This morning I drank a 6 hour energy shot. After drinking it I thought I was having a "niacin... READ MORE

Numbness After Botox in Crow's Feet, Will It Wear Off?

3 months ago I had botox injected into my crow's feet - 5 units each side. I was very unhappy with the results - developed bags and new wrinkles... READ MORE

Negative Effects After Botox for Frownlines. Numbness, Dizziness, Sensitivity; Normal?

I have numbness, dizzines, sensitivity to touch from my forhead to my crown after having botox injected into my forehead. I'm also having anxiety... READ MORE

I Got Bells Palsy over 5 Years Ago, While Pregnant with my Son. My Face is Still Paralyzed on That. Options?

Side of my face. I still get pain and numbness on that side of my face at times. also very bad headaches. Is there anything I can do to get my face... READ MORE

Botox 10 Days Ago Now my Left Side is Not Right, Is this a Side Effect?

Can't smile on my left side and feel numb around my eye. Is this a side effect? How long will it last? I have a crooked smile and puffy cheek. READ MORE

I'm so scared of the side effects I got from botox, can I die? Please help! I had 4 units above the lip.

2 days after, as I felt the botox over lip, I felt something in my throat, and difficulty swallowing. Next day my tonsil under the jaw was swollen.... READ MORE

Can I Try Botox Having Been Diagnosed with Horner's Syndrome in 2001?

After using the inhalant Imitrex for a migraine, my left pupil constricted and eyelid drooped (2001). Those symptoms cleared in two weeks, but... READ MORE

Frozen smile. Numbness in upper lip. Soreness in cheeks after Botox

I received a small amount of botox in nasiolabal folds nearly 1 month ago and am experiencing a reptilian smile (flattened elongated upper lip resting... READ MORE

I received 20 units of botox in my forehead and between my brows. My cheeks are tingly & resistant when I smile. Is this normal?

I had the procedure on Wednesday followed all post tx care.My cheeks, especially my right, feels tingly and numb; resistant when I smile. I called... READ MORE

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