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What is a Botox Lift or Botox Brow Lift?

I thought that Botox could make your face sag more, so how is a Botox Lift even possible? How does a Botox Brow lift work? READ MORE

Non-surgical Alternative to Botox for Reducing Masseter Muscles?

Instead of getting rid of wrinkles, I'm trying to reduce my masseter muscles. If I'm really resistant to Botox, what other non-surgical methods could... READ MORE

Will Botox Help Large Crease in the Middle of Forehead?

I have a huge crease in the middle of my forehead. Will botox help or work, or do I need actual plastic surgery?? READ MORE

Botox for Non Surgical Nose Job?

Can I get a Botox injection to fill in the gap I have on my nose in order to straighten it out more? If yes, will it last ? READ MORE

Are Botox and Perfector Non Surgical Facelift Conflicting Treatments?

Hi. I am 39 year old female having Botox for the first time tomorrow (areas of focus, forehead and eyes). In addition, I am also on treatment 7 of 12... READ MORE

Any Alternative to Surgery for Saggy Skin?

Lower part of the face left and right to my chin, my skin is getting soggy with a couple of deep wrinkles, even thoug I look younger than my real age,... READ MORE

I'm only 19 & I have excessive skin on my forehead. How I can get rid of loose skin without Botox or Surgery? (photo)

When my face is relaxed I look mad. When I look down my forehead sags. When I rub my head my forehead wrinkles up. How can I permanently change this READ MORE

My upper lip is slightly uneven from one side, what can I do to fix it? (photo)

The border of my upper lip is slightly more up from one side than the other what can i do to get it fixed..and i do prefer non surgical methods READ MORE

Can I use BOTOX to reduce my Cupids Bow? (Photo)

I want to reduce the look of my prominent Cupids Bow. I don't necessarily want it gone all together, but it's so intense I fear it almost gives the... READ MORE

How many units of Botox needed for a non-surgical breast augmentation/lift?

I keep reading about a "new" non-surgical option of "breastox" to increase the breast size by a cup or two which involves injecting Botox into the... READ MORE

Elevated Corners of Eye. How much would Botox be?

How much approx would Botox be if I just want the corners of my eyes to be slightly lifted? Also, is there a non-surgical way of doing that? I just... READ MORE

Is There A Non Surgical Way to Achieve a V-Shaped Face Available in California?

I read that some doctors are now able to achieve a V-Shaped Face for their clients by using Venus freeze , Botox and Fillers Treatments. Does any... READ MORE

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