Nasolabial Folds + Botox

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Is Botox Appropriate for Nasolabial Lines?

My main concern are nasolabial lines. I've read about frown and brow lines; is Botox appropriate? READ MORE

Major Increase in Nasolabial Folds After Botox for Crow's Feet

I had botox to crow's feet and I look AWFUL. I'm so upset. I have several Christmas parties to attend and I feel so self concious. I was... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Nasolabial Folds After Botox?

I have heard of droopy eyelids and other Botox issues. My problem is different. I received Botox for crows feet and my cheeks have dropped down,... READ MORE

New Wrinkles Appeared After Botox

I had botox injected for my nasolabial fold, especially the wrinkles beside the mouth 4 months ago. i'm 22 years old. After i had the surgery, new... READ MORE

Prevent Nasolabial Folds Appearance After Botox?

I had 20cc of Botox for my crows feet. Now I feel like the nasolabial folds are going to start to come in from the smile muscles atrophying. What... READ MORE

Radiesse, Perlane, and Botox Won't Work

I had 2 Radiesse and 2 Perlane treatments three weeks apart. I paid total of $1800. I still have marked nasolabial folds, one longer than the other.... READ MORE

Botox Injected in the Nasal Area

Several doctors have answerd my question and reasurred me that the botox injected into the nasial labiafold area which paraylised a portion of my... READ MORE

what will help reduce these droopy areas at the sides of the mouth? What are they called? (photo)

They seem to be noticeable relatively abruptly, over the past weeks, I just moved and a change in diet has led to me losing some weight, not sure if... READ MORE

27 & on the hunt for long-term solution(s) for nasolabial laugh lines. What are some options? (photos)

Hello, I'm 27 & have been dealing with nasolabial laugh lines since I was 22/23. They are what I am by far the most self-conscious about, as they make... READ MORE

I had Botox into my masseter and now have nasolabial wrinkles. Is this normal?

I had 3 botox treatments into my masseters within the last 5 months (on advice of my doctor) - 76u in each masseter all up. I have experienced... READ MORE

Botox or Fillers for when I smile? Everything just creases! I plan on a rhinoplasty, but for now will Botox help? (Photo)

I'm wondering how to reduce the very deep creases when I smile. It's not actually regarding wrinkles/lines caused by smiling, but actually when I'm... READ MORE

What are your opinion on fillers/Botox with melasma patients?

I am considering fillers for my nasolabials but am concerned because I have melasma on my upper lip. Will the injection and/or fillers cause the... READ MORE

Where should I get botox and fillers? Eyes, nasolabial folds, or lips? (photo)

I am a 30 year old female. I've never had fillers or botox but would like to start. I would like to look younger but I don't want to look fake. What... READ MORE

Could Botox for crows feet cause nasolabial creases to form? I'm 29yrs old (Photo)

Hi! I recently completed a masters, but I developed some serious scowling lines due to all the chemistry courses I had to take LOL . 6 mths ago Botox... READ MORE

Botox on nasolabials, 1 year later that area became flat and deep and it went until my cheeks and almost atrophied (Photo)

Few months later the same thing happened with the other side which was injected with less botox but is hurting me ( i feel like a burning sensation... READ MORE

Can I supplement Botox on the glabella with Juvederm and then use the rest of Juderm on may nasolabial folds previously treated?

Going to my 3rd treatment of the glabella with Botox. Strong muscles, 40 units needed. Botox wears off in 2 1/2 months. Thinking of supplementing... READ MORE

Is this a "correct application" after a hyaluronic acid injection on nasolabial folds?

I had 0.5 ml injection of hyaluronic acid on both nasolabial sides. After 24 hours, the doctor told me that he will do a massage on the injection area... READ MORE

After Botox injections in each nasolabial fold, I have a bad appearance of gummy smile. Is this normal?

Dear doctor I had a patient 68 year old with deep nasolabial fold ,and I did 3 injection of botox in each nasolabial ,each side it,s appearance ,now... READ MORE

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