Muscle Spasms + Botox

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Muscle Contractions After Botox

I've had Botox on my forehead, lower eye regions and crows feet. Now I have muscle contractions on my upper lid. It really looks bad. Is this normal?... READ MORE

Muscle Twitches After Botox in Forehead?

A month ago I had 20 in frown and middle forehead it was perfect last week and since I can't touch that area without it slowly bulging up. Even when I... READ MORE

Are Muscle Spasms in Forehead After Botox Treatment for Migraine Normal?

I had my first Botox treatment for migraines two months ago. The areas treated on my forehead were along the hairline and between the brows. One of... READ MORE

Can Corticosteroid Be Injected into a Hyperactive Undereye Muscle for Muscle Twitch? What About Botox?

Can corticosteroid be injected into a hyperactive undereye muscle twitch? What about Botox? I am looking for a permanent solution to a permanent problem. READ MORE

I Have Spastic Muscles In My Calf Due To An Injury- Botox or Dysport?

I had car accedint and coz brain bleeding.That coz right side hemiplagia and spasticty is very high.Doctor told me that.Can u tell me which is better... READ MORE

Constant Thoracic Muscle Spasms. Is Botox a Good Option?

I have left thoracic muscle spasms in my back that are unrelenting. I am seeing a pain mgmt doctor that just did a trigger point injection in 2... READ MORE

Muscle Spasm Above Brows After Botox Treatment?

I had 12 injections of botox a nonth and a half ago - 8 days after I experienced the mad raised brow look - went back after 4 weeks as this hadn't... READ MORE

How to Mitigate the Risks of Non-cosmetic Use of Botox?

I'm considering Botox for neck muscle spasms. My neurologist is a leading authority on the non-cosmetic use of Botox. I'm apprehensive, though,... READ MORE

Is This Normal? And if So when Will It Stop?

Hi, I had botox in my jaw muscles, injected from inside the mouth, to relieve the pain from muscle spasms in my jaw (I haven't been able to relax my... READ MORE

Is There Any Chance of Getting Botox Injections for Muscle Spasms in my Middle/upper Back?

These very painful muscle spasms have been occurring for 20 years, not continuously but they start up at inopportune times and last for days. No... READ MORE

75 units of Botox on forehead. Now experiencing muscle spasms. Is the botox wearing off? (Photo)

5 weeks ago I had 75 units injected in forehead..50 the first week and 25 the following week. I had an "active forehead" and was an out of town... READ MORE

Any studies on the permanent reaction to Botox?

I have had several Botox injection to relive muscle spasms on the left side of my face and neck. With the second treatment the whole left side of my... READ MORE

Is Botox a Good Choice for a Constant Muscle Tic?

Under my right eyem about two finger spaces down and to the right on my cheekbone area, I have an incessant muscle tic. About 2 or 3 months now. Not... READ MORE

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