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Developed a Rash Soon After Botox - What is the Cure?

I had many botox injections before, but this one made me itch all over, mainly hands, wrists, back of my neck and legs. I also get red burning spots... READ MORE

Itchy Rash After Botox

I Got an Itchy Rash After Botox , It Has Been 6wks and It's Still Not Gone, How Long Will It Last? READ MORE

Problem with a Topical Botox Application?

My eye area is very red, swollen, itchy & painful. There was botox in a foundation I tried yesterday. I look like I've gone several rounds with a... READ MORE

I Am Having Severe Swelling, Itchy Rash on Face, Arms, Chest and Flu Like Symptoms After Botox. Is This an Allergic Reaction?

I am having severe swelling, itchy acute rash on face, arms, chest and flu-like symptoms after Botox. I have been having Botox for many years. I have... READ MORE

Botox Caused Me to Break Out. I Am 40 Years Old. Started Getting Botox Last Year?

Not like regular pimples. Bumps that stay for a very very long time. Not 3-5 days. Weeks! They itch. Some little some big. I have not had acne since I... READ MORE

Ugly Swollen Itchy Welt After Botox, Will It Ever Go Away or I Just Ruined my Face for Good?

I got botox for the first time 2 months ago in my forehead and in the crows feet.I had a small bump at the incision site, on the outer corner of my... READ MORE

Can botox cause dry skin?

Can botox cause dry skin? I have been getting botox for about 4 years now and this past time it seems that my forehead has been so dry and sometimes a... READ MORE

Itchy Rash 9 Hours After Botox?

I still have it and I keep getting a few hives that come and go. My doctor put me on prednisone and benedryl - still no relief. I did not use any... READ MORE

Has Anyone Heard of a Botox Allergy That Develops over Time? I've Noticed Allergy-like Symptoms After my Last 3 Treatments.

I've been getting Botox 3x/yr in my glabella area for a decade. I've never had any issues, however, after my last 3 treatments I've developed... READ MORE

Hives on Right arm and right buttocks 4.5 hours after botox. I'm mild asthmatic I get allergies.

Hi, I had 14 units of botox (first time)for brow lift, 4.5 hours later I got bad hives on upper right arm, and little on butt. some general itchiness... READ MORE

Itchy, puffy lower eyelid 6 hours after Botox for crows feet.

I had Botox for crows feet for the third time today. A few hours after the injection, my eyelids (lower) began to puff and itch and look excessively... READ MORE

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