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Botox Injections for Jawline Slimming?

I have a roundish-square face and am considering botox in a few years. Would it be necessary to change one's hairline also? For example, someone with... READ MORE

Botox to Correct Brow / Eye Asymmetry w/o Affecting Hairline?

I would like to correct eyebrow asymmetry that also makes one eye look smaller. However, it's just the inside part of the brow seems too low. I do... READ MORE

Bruising Above Temples and Hair Loss After Botox?

I am now 13 days post injections to my forehead (20 units). I have read enough posts to believe that the drooping skin under my brows and thickened... READ MORE

After 6 years of Botox, why has this time caused severe eyelid droop in right eye? (Photo)

I've had Botox for 6 years with no problems but this time my right eye began to droop after 2 days and by the 3rd day was almost closed!. I saw a... READ MORE

Is This Right? Had 50 Units of Botox, Arch Flattened?

I had 50 units of Botox FYI I am 29 and have been doing botox for 6 years, so I do not have any wrinkles. The dr injected the product up by my... READ MORE

Does Botox in the hairline treat anything other then reducing how much you sweat at that site?

I have gotten Botox about 5 times over the last several years for lines on the forehead, between the brows and crows feet. The last two times I got... READ MORE

The last time with Botox my eyelid closed. I just had again but no injections above the eyebrow line, will it happen again?

I've had Botox for 6 years but last time I had a closed eyelid. I've just had Botox again but only 20 units and mainly around crows feet area and high... READ MORE

Will this ever go away?

I had Botox injections one year ago..shortly after I noticed indentations on both sides of my forehead leading up to my hairline. Almost looking like... READ MORE

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