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I Frown Without Even Realizing It, How Can I Stop This Worried, Angry and Concerned Facial Expression of Mine? (photo)

I have recently been told at work and even when out with friends I have a worried, angry and/or concerned facial expression even though I am not... READ MORE

Why Didn't Botox Work for my 11's?

My last Botox Session (3rd session in six weeks) did actually help my forehead and brows, although I can still lift my brows slightly, but I can still... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Breast Milk Tested for Trace Amounts of Botox?

I got Botox 3 days ago for the first time. I was actually getting an IPL and the dermatologist suggested Botox for my frown wrinkle.. I told him I was... READ MORE

Normal to Be Able to Frown 10 Days After Botox?

I received botox injections two weeks ago and still have to frown between my eyes, they look like # 11. is it normal for me to be able to frown after... READ MORE

I Had Botox in my Upper and Lower Forhead Area (Only) but Now I Look Angry All the Time?

I have recently had a botox treatment. The problem is I can not raise my eyebrows very much at all now but I can still frown very hard and even in a... READ MORE

I Have a Naturally Frowny Face ... Solutions? (photo)

My natural resting face is often perceived as sad, tired, or angry, when, in fact, I am feeling none of these! It gets really annoying having people... READ MORE

I have pockets of fluid under my eyes after Botox. How long will this last?

A few days after the treatment I got eyebags (moisture) under my eyes (pockets of fluid under my eyes). It's been 6 weeks now and still almost no... READ MORE

Can Botox or Dysport help with "depressed" face?

I suffered from depression for years and now I have BDD, because my face looks angry as a result of frustration all the time and I'm being told about... READ MORE

Drooped eyebrow from Botox. Hate the results. Will a top-up help? (Photo)

I had botox almost 3 weeks ago in 2 areas. (frown & upper forehead). I am becoming severly distressed with the results - the botox has caused my... READ MORE

When will my Botox have improvement?

Hi i just had my botox injection on my forehed and between my brows on my forehed i don see wrangle when i want to lift my eyebrow but i can see that... READ MORE

When will this droop go away?

I am 9 weeks post botox for frowning. Initially my right eye looked small and I feel heaviness in eyelid and eyebrow.But when I use Naphcon-A drops... READ MORE

Asymmetry of face after 6 months of brow drop from Botox for frowning

I had Botox 6 months back for frowning& got one eyebrow and eyelid droop. Now after 6 months when eye has improved little but brow is still much lower... READ MORE

How long does headaches last after Botox?

Hi. I took 8 units of botox injections on forehead and 15 units on the frown area on 11th of March 2015. Within 3-4 days the area got streched and it... READ MORE

Can I do Botox?

I have m.s and I was wondering can I do botox? I'm on rebif. I'm in a lot of pain which I think has caused me to frown a lot.Im going to my brother... READ MORE

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