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Chemical Brow Lift Via Botox; Dysport Vs Botox?

Hello, I recently had the "chemical brow lift" and loved it. I'm not sure how many units were used, but I would guess around 40 ish based on price.... READ MORE

Does Botox Move Around?

Three weeks after first botox treatment, i noticed a dent on the left side of forehead, just above eyebrow. Went away by next day but not completely.... READ MORE

I Had my Right Eyebrow Raised Permanently After a Facial Injury, Can Botox Lower It? (photo)

I had a road traffic accident 4 years before in which i sustained facial injuries......i had a scar below my right eyebrow and my right eyebrow is... READ MORE

First Botox treatment: Wanted to lift brow without crazy arches

The Dr only did 3 injections one at the top of my nose and one just above my eyebrows just before the midway point (i.e towards the nose rather than... READ MORE

Can I Receive Botox in the Area Above the Lateral Brow to Smooth It Out?

15 days ago I received 10 units of botox to my forehead in the area between my pupils, 20 units to my 11s, 6 units bilaterally in 3 injections to... READ MORE

Droopy eyelid and hard sore lump on eyebrow after botox

I had botox 4 weeks ago. About a week later my left eyelid started to droop. A week later nurse injected more into crows feet area but didn't help. A... READ MORE

How Can I Lesson Wrinkles/sagging Caused by Small Scars in the Left Eyebrow Area?

These small scars are above, into, and just below the outer left eyebrow area, They were not all that visible for a long time, but are now causing... READ MORE

​ ​Is the heaviness on my right eyebrow and pain in my eye, normal after Botox?

 I had Botox on my forehead. I am 25 years old. After 2 days from injection I feel heaviness on my right eyebrow and pain in my eye and tears.... READ MORE

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