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Botox in Forehead Dropped my Eyebrows Instead of Lifting

I have had botox twice in my forehead, both times with the same results; it drops my eyebrows so much that my eyelids droop and the whole look of my... READ MORE

Does Botox in Eyebrow Cause Light Sensitivity?

Since having Botox to remove forehead expressive lines over right eyebrow, Right eye lid is dropping and the right eye is tearing and developed acute... READ MORE

My Eyelid dropped after Botox. What treatment would you recommend?

After 34 units of BOTOX on the forehead and under the eyebrows , 1 eyebrow and upper eyelid dropped. It's was not my 1st BOTOX experience and I never... READ MORE

Can botox in corrugator and procerus alone cause brow to drop?

I recently had botox for frown lines and forehead wrinkles for the first time. My brow has dropped so much that my eyes are hooded and no longer round... READ MORE

Can Botox cause nerve damage?

I had Botox 13 weeks ago. I'm now getting movement back but my eye still looks slightly dropped and between my eyebrows and across my eyebrow the eye... READ MORE

Corner of Right Eyebrow Has Dropped Approx 3mm.Now my Eyelid Looks Baggy in the Corner &almost Touches my Eye Lashes. Permanent?

I've been getting botox for 5 years & never had a problem. 2 months ago I had 50 units of botox to my forehead, between my brows & crows feet.... READ MORE

I had 10 units in my forehead 12 days ago. My inner lid is swelling. It looks like I have an eye allergy. When will this end?

Had 10 units Botox 12 days ago in my frontalis. May 15, had 14 units in glabella. Looked great. But the frontalis shots have made my eyes hooded &... READ MORE

I have swelling and bruising to Botox, dysport and Xeomin. Is this normal?

I have had it done around my eyes - 4 times. My reaction to Botox, dysport and Xeomin, as follows: Onset of swelling within 2 hours, bruising around... READ MORE

I had Botox over 2 weeks ago for crows feet and now the right side of face is dropping. Is this normal?

I'm concerned because I noticed today that the right side of my face is drooping. I've had Botox numerous times before by the same doctor and this has... READ MORE

Botox after lower eyelid fat grafting, my eyebrows have dropped, what can I do?

Hello , i had lower eyelid fat grafting five weeks ago,i did botox after six weeks after my surgery on my forid and the side of my eyes i find my... READ MORE

Will I regain ability to move my brows before Botox wears off?

Received Botox a week ago on my forehead 32 units. my whole face has changed- brows dropped and drooped eyelids. Returned to my doc and prescribed a... READ MORE

I have heard it said that upon discontinuing Botox treatment, the area that was treated can "droop" or drop. Any suggestion?

That "the muscle falls". Leaving the patient in worse condition that when he/she started (and not from a "wrinkle" perspective but rather a... READ MORE

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