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How Much Botox is Safe to Use in One Appointment?

I have finally saved up enough money for treatment of my hyperhidosis. I will be getting treatment for my underarms. I am also considering getting my... READ MORE

Repeat Botox Dose After 10 Days Without Effect?

If Botox hasn't worked after 10 days would you repeat at same dosage or reduced? READ MORE

Do I Need a Botox Topup?

I'm 33 and got my first ever Botox injection for glabellar lines 13 days ago. The doctor I went to said he usually uses 25 units so I presume... READ MORE

Need for Additional Botox Dosage?

I received my second dose of Botox for deep furrows from frowning, a year after my first dose. The dose did not take effect at all seven days later. ... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Botox Overdose?

Can I sue a botox injector who gave a higher dose to my daughter and made her face "wonky"? The consultant has now assured us that he will inject her... READ MORE

If One Unit of Botox is Derived from a Lethal Mouse Dose How Many Units Would Kill a Human?

I am thinking of gettting Botox for the first time and have been doing some research on the potential side effects. I have not been able to find... READ MORE

Can Crow's Feet Be Merely Softened with Botox?

I'm a 52 yr old male. I hoped to have my crow's feet subtly softened but not eliminated. After my first Botox injections the crow's feet are... READ MORE

Botox for Bruxism - As a Side Effect Will This Also Slim the Face?

Hi there, I had 25 units of botox injected to the masseters (in each side - 50 units in total) - to help with bruxism. However, I've since learnt... READ MORE

Had 36 Units of Botox in Frown Lines and it Started Wearing Off After 3 Weeks, Normal?

I recently had 36 units of botox for frown lines and 3 weeks later I am still able to scrowl. I went to a "spa" type place, and when I... READ MORE

Does This Botox Dosage Seem Low?

4.5 months ago, I received 65 units of Dysport; it was my 1st cosmetic injection ever. The effects wore off noticeably within ~6 weeks. Today I... READ MORE

What is the Normal Dose of Botox for Bruxism?

I just got 20 units in each masseter and 10 units in each temporallis muscle. My first dose was 2.5 months ago, which was only 10 units in each... READ MORE

Does the Doseage of Dysport or Botox Change the Effect or Duration?

I was wondering how fewer units for treatment to an area would affect the outcome. Some say it will still paralyze the area but won't last as long,... READ MORE

Ineffective After Multiple Doses?

Have been using Botox for frown lines for 5 years with off and on effectiveness. This last dose was 40 (!) units Aug. 22 followed by more Botox and... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for (High Doses) Botox Can Completely Gone?

1.5 years ago i had high doses Botox to shapping my face. The purpose to have high dose as i want to last longer, however i did not like the result... READ MORE

I want to stop furrowing my brows when I squint. Is Botox good for this?

I am 24, and my brow tends to be furrowed and angry-looking. I furrow it even more when I think. People have told me it is distracting and will ruin... READ MORE

Botox dosage VS Dysport dosage?

BOTOX - 25ū each jaw, 37.5ū for forehead&glabellar&crowfeet (can't remember specific unit on each area). DYSPORT - 100ū each jaw, 70ū... READ MORE

Forty nine units of Botox on my 11s, crowsfeet and forehead double my 20-25 norm. Why would my Dr suggest this when I was happy?

I received double the dosage on recommendation of my Dr to take advantage of a buy 12 get 12 free offer. I should have refused the double amount. It... READ MORE

My glabella and forehead both need botox. How many units would I need to have a natural looking forehead? (Photo)

I feel like my forehead muscles are 'strong'. How does a dr avoid over injecting? My biggest fear is looking frozen. READ MORE

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