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Do You Suggest Botox for Chin Dimpling Both Sides Underneath Mouth?

Im 44 and have aging skin doctor suggested co2 laser and like 6 areas botox including mouth and chin area not fond of that i want to be able to smile.... READ MORE

Botox for Depressor Labii Inferioris to Control Chin Movement?

Hello, I have the opposite problem to chin dimpling. When I smile the tip of my chin flattens downward and curls under a bit. I would like to use... READ MORE

I Have a Few Lines on the Side of My Cheek?

I have a dimple on my cheek and now that I'm older when I am not smiling you can see the lines. Can I get botox in that area?  READ MORE

Dimpled, orange peel chin? (photos)

Please help, what treatment could I have in order to smooth out my skin when I smile? Botox? Fillers? Thank you READ MORE

Dimples disappeared after Botox for Jawline Reduction (after)

I have had bruxism since I was a kid. My doctor recommended botox on my masseter muscles to weaken them. A nice side effect would be the slimming of... READ MORE

Is my overactive mentalis muscle caused by jaw clenching?

I have an overactive mentalis muscle which causes dimpling of my chin. I am a jaw clencher. Would there be an association ? READ MORE

Botox and Chin Implant? (photo)

21 year old male. I have visited a few PS's for their opinion and they all agreed I would be a good candidate for a chin implant. However I wanted to... READ MORE

Can I Get Botox for Chin Dimpling Without Compromising my Actual Chin Dimple?

I have a shallow chin dimple which I like and want to keep but I still went to get rid of the chin "dimpling" Can the botox be done around 'it'? READ MORE

How long does Botox in the chin last?

I'm 29 years old and I have a very small chin which dimples a little bit when I close my mouth. I have heard that botox in the chin area is pretty... READ MORE

I had botox six weeks ago for my dimple chin and gummy smile. Now my chin pad feels funny and swollen at times. (Photo)

Hello I had about 6 weeks ago 14 units each side in my chin, just next to the "mental crease" I have above the mentalis muscle. Anyhow all is and was... READ MORE

Chin dimples only when mouth is closed, will putting Botox in the mentalis muscle make me unable to close my mouth?

I have a genetically under-developed lower jaw, and because of that I have to put effort into keeping my mouth closed (I'm literally drawing my lower... READ MORE

I had Botox on chin. Now I have a weird bump when I frown. Any suggestions? (photos)

I got botox administered about a week ago for a dimpled chin, while the dimpling is improved but not gone, I noticed that when I frown I have this... READ MORE

Why don't doctors want to inject Botox into my chin?

I have dimpling in my chin from a scarred mentalis. I have seen 2 plastic surgeons and they told me to wait before injecting any botox. Why? READ MORE

What is the best treatment for a chin dimple? (Photo)

I absolutely hate my chin! I tried Botox, but I don't believe it worked. What would be the best treatment for my chin? Should I try Botox again? Maybe... READ MORE

Fake cheek dimple

How to make Fake Dimples by botox READ MORE

6 weeks post Botox jaw. From here on does it get any worse? Or does it get better?

So, were 6 weeks post botox jaw (30 units each). My smile is still not the same, my dimple is still gone, and I saw after 2 weeks botox I still had... READ MORE

Synkenises due to bells palsy.. can I get more symmetry? (photos)

I've delt with synkenisis since i can remember, i had bells palsy when i was 9 back in 2000. I want the right side of my face to look like my left... READ MORE

Botox to my massater muscle got rid of my dimples, will they ever come back?

I really loved my dimples and now the gone after having botox. Any chance the will come back? READ MORE

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