Dark Circles + Botox

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Are Fillers Or Botox Best for Fine Lines Under the Eyes?

I have little fine lines under my eyes as well as hereditary dark circles. I was tod fillers were the best option for me, I'm worried that the filer... READ MORE

Bruising and Swelling After Minimal Amount of Botox?

Hi. I had Botox 5 days ago and after the 3rd day, I appear to have dark circles, swelling and have acquired some bruising. Is this normal and will it... READ MORE

Can Botox Cause Puffiness and Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

I received botox for the first time and am a 33 year old Asian. I had a total of 16 units (4 in my procerus, 3 each in my corrugators, 2 units in my... READ MORE

Botox on my Forehead, Frown Lines and Crows Feet, and My Eyes Look Tired and Feel Heavy. Causes?

I have had botox injections for the forehead, frown lines and crow feet areas two weeks ago. I noticed recently that my eyes look very tired, as if I... READ MORE

Botox Went Wrong? Undereye Wrinkles Appear After 1 Week and Dry Skin?

I am in 30s and have no sign of wrinkles. But I have dark eye circle and I wanted to slow down ageing apart from ridding off my dark eye circle. A... READ MORE

I Had Botox Under my Eyes Two and a Half Weeks Ago. Puffy in the Morning and Left With Dark Circles?

After the treatment I had ruining and now it looks like dark circles under my eyes. In the mornings they are all puffy. How long will this... READ MORE

Redness and Swelling Normal Day 5 After Botox? Dark Circles Also Look Worse.

I took botox 7 days agos and on day 5 I noticed that the region above the right cheek showed signs of redness and swelling (it's not the region... READ MORE

Botox made eyes puffy, filler made them puffy & wrinkled. What else can I do? (Photo)

I'm young (30's) w/a thin face & dark circles. Recently noticed some crows feet & puffiness under the eyes. Went to one of the best Dr's for some... READ MORE

After Having Botox Injections Can It Cause Racoon Looking Eyes?

I recently had botox injected in the crows feet, nose, lower eye lid, and forehead. I now have what appears to be half circles under my eyes and it... READ MORE

How can I correct my under eye dark circles, bags and fine lines? (photos)

I initially went in to speak to my PS because I felt I have under eye hollows, and was looking to reduce them with filler, they advised I do... READ MORE

Can botox around the eyes cause permanent damage?

I am 29 this year and this is my first botox experience. I am 2 weeks post botox around the eyes and I am devastated that when I smile, there is no... READ MORE

Face contouring for feminine look. (Photo)

Jaw line,dark circles and overall oval face look required in 45 years old lady . Suggest some non invasive procedure. Kindly specify area on which... READ MORE

So I've decided for a combination of Botox and ultheraphy. Perhaps next year I'll try fillers. Any thoughts? (photos)

I want to refresh my look. Concerned about a fine line ive recently developed on upper eyelid (dropping) and fine wrinkles when I smile on lower eye... READ MORE

Botox at 21?

Hello, I am a 21 year old with eyes of a 50 year old. Growing up the black circles kept getting worse as well as the hollowness of my eyes. My brows... READ MORE

I had botox when I didn't need it. When it dissolves, will my skin look more aged? I don't have any lines

Im 26 and 5 months ago I went to dermatologist for my under eye circles that was my only problem I had and she injected me with restylane also... READ MORE

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