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Is It Possible to Receive Botox Injections in Your Higher Chest Area?

I am 40 yrs old and although I am fairly wrinkle free on my face and neck. I have started to notice deep wrinkles on my chest area. These do fade... READ MORE

Best Option for Lines on Chest Caused by Sleeping on my Side?

I have used some topical lotions and creams that claimed to erase the lines over time, but I want a longer lasting, ideally a permanent solution. I... READ MORE

Does Botox Work on Chest Lines?

I was told by a prominent dermatologist who's always in the news, that Botox can eradicate chest lines. Is it true? READ MORE

If I Were to Be Seriously Ill with Botox Would It More Likely Be Early After Injection?

I was injected with 20 Units of Botox for my frown lines 11 days ago. I had alot of terrible side effects, from 2 hrs after injection, chest... READ MORE

Can Botox be Used to Help with Chest Muscles Deformity?

I had breast implants before and had them removed almost a year ago one of the reasons because of chest muscle deformity when flexing the muscle, but... READ MORE

I Am Getting Botox Done on Saturday but I Am on Antibiotics?

I am getting Botox done on Saturday but I have had a bad chest infection which I have been on antibiotics and was also given an asthma pump which I... READ MORE

After getting Botox on my forehead, I developed a hive -like rash on my chest and back. Is this normal?

I have sensitive skin and am allergic to some perfumes and dyes but this is the first time that this has happened with Botox. I can't think of... READ MORE

Botox injections in my neck and chest for TOS affected my face, is that possible?

I had Botox injections in my neck and chest for TOS it looks like it may have effected the wrinkles in my face from my eyes down. Is this possible ? READ MORE

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