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Bump After Botox?

I got botox Between my brows almost 3 weeks ago and I have this linear bump going from the inside of my left brow up my forehead. It's gotten smaller... READ MORE

Bump on Forehead from Botox

I got botox on my forehead (third time) but on the last occasion i seem to have developed a bump. It has been nearly 5 months since the treatment and... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Botox, Hit My Forehead, Have A Hard Bump?

Botox on Forehead 3 Weeks Prior then Banged my Head.  Injury Healed but Have a Weird, Hard Bump? Why? READ MORE

Can a Bump Emerge a Few Hours After a Botox Injection in the Crows Feet Area?

I have had botox injections in the past without any problems. Today I had injections in my crows feet. About 3.5 hours after the injection I had a big... READ MORE

Chin Ledge After 4 Units of Botox? (photo)

I received 4 units of botox in my chin. One injection in the middle, The skin look smooth but when I stick out my lower lip it looks like I have a... READ MORE

Lump on forehead after Botox, what could this be?

I had Botox in the forehead area, in December 2013, a week later a small lump arose on the right side of my forehead. I was in hopes that it would go... READ MORE

I had Botox injection in my forehead for the famous 11 and they are deep. She used 20 units. Should I worry? (Photo)

Hello I had Botox injection yesterday today I have 2 lil bumps mosquito bite size and are a lil blue should I be concerned about it? How look would it... READ MORE

Can botox be dangerous if too close underneath eye?

I received botox injections today and am concerned that the botox migrated underneath my eye (dark circle area). I noticed a bump there shortly after... READ MORE

I had a botox injection in my forehead for my famous "11" yesterday. How long does it take to heal? Can I go in the sun or swim?

I gotta say they're deep. But I noticed 2 lil bump like a mosquito bite size and they're a lil blue should I be concerned about it? How long does... READ MORE

Botox complication. My doctor said it will go away but I am so worried. (Photo)

Hello! I had 30 units of Botox 1 month ago for my forehead. This is not first time for me to do boot. But ..... I have got some bump between brow and... READ MORE

3 days post op, a bump/ protrusion reaction from Botox on my left chin, is this a normal reaction?

I had 4 units of Botox injected into my chin 3 days ago. it is for treating a bump on the left side of my chin that was determined to be muscle tissue... READ MORE

Bump under eye after Botox

I had botox yesterday under my eyes. The right one is fine but the left one seems to have a bump of some sort? I only see it when I smile. Doesn't... READ MORE

Bump around and above eyebrow after frown line was treated. (photo)

I just had my first Botox injection 12 units for my 11. I see some changes , especially the bumps above and around my eyebrowns on both sides. I used... READ MORE

Is it possible to have botox wrongly injected into fillers and causing a soft bump?

I have got fillers in my chin about 9 months ago and it wears off partially and left a little dent on my chin. I went to the clinic and the doctor... READ MORE

Methacrylate and botox can cause bump and red after 1 month???

On february I have done methacrylate filler between eyebrows, on 9 november I do botox and doctor inject in eyebrows zone and forehead, after a mont... READ MORE

Can I damage my Botox, muscles or face by bumping my head about four and half hours after injection?

About four and half hours after Botox injection, I bumped my head on the dresser decently hard -directly at the injection site. Will there be side... READ MORE

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