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I've Heard Botox is Botulism So How Many Units Would It Take Before It Could Cause Me Harm?

I've Heard Botox is Botulism So How Many Units Would It Take Before It Could Cause Me Harm, Paralysis, or Could it Possibly Cause Death? READ MORE

Will the Effect of Improper Botox Treatment Be Limited to the Injection Area, or Will It Spread to Other Parts of the Body?

Are the side-effects of a botox injection similar to the symptoms of botulism? What are those side effects? Where can it spread? READ MORE

Is There Any Treatment That Can Help with Iatrogenic Botulism and Paralysis from Allergan Botox Cosmetic Injections? (photo)

I have been diagnosed with iatrogenic botulism from a team of physicians and an expert neurologist. Once completely healthy and fit and loving life, I... READ MORE

What is the Frequency of People Getting Botulism After a Botox Injection? How Often Has It Happened?

I've read about people on the Internet who suffer all the symptoms of botulism after receiving a small dose of Botox for cosmetic reasons. I'm scared... READ MORE

I'm so scared of the side effects I got from botox, can I die? Please help! I had 4 units above the lip.

2 days after, as I felt the botox over lip, I felt something in my throat, and difficulty swallowing. Next day my tonsil under the jaw was swollen.... READ MORE

I Had Botulism As an Infant. What Can I Use As an Alternative to Botox?

I had Infant Botulism at 6 months and my father has told me never to get Botox injections as an adult because I am allergic. I am reaching towards 30... READ MORE

Is Botox Safe for Those Who Had Botulism?

I had a severe case of botulism when i was 31 and nearly died from it. Im 41 now and not liking my crows feet. I was considering having botox done,... READ MORE

I have swollen eyelids, weakness in arms and legs and tight sensation in neck 2 weeks after Botox. What should I do?

I had botox done 2 weeks ago and been told if you have weakness in arms, legs and droopy eyelid (more like swollen eyelids) I've been told these are... READ MORE

Are there doctors who researched safety concerns of 36,000 adverse events about botulism from Botox and decided NOT to see?

Considering Allergan is the main financial sponsor of the "peer-reviewed" articles, I would think the discerning doctor would consider those "facts"... READ MORE

Can I get botulism from a Botox injection?

I had Botox injections in my crows feet, 11", above my brows and upper lip. 15 minutes after leaving the Dr's office my throat started to swell shut,... READ MORE

Say a 20 Unit shot hits a vein instead of muscle, the lethal dose matters. Carl Lamanna said it 7 Units but Botox says 2,800.

Scott, Alan B. "Botulinum toxin injection of eye muscles to correct strabismus." 1981. "....parenteral lethal dose for a fully grown man was seven... READ MORE

Botox, Dysport, Xeomin. Nothing works. Resistent to botulinum?

I used botox, dysport for few years and lately looks like none of those products work for more Than 5weeks. In the beginning I tought was the doctor... READ MORE

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