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Is It More Beneficial to Sleep on One's Back After Botox Treatment?

Is It More Beneficial to Sleep on One's Back After Botox Treatment? READ MORE

What are The Benefits to Using Botox at a Younger Age?

Are there studies that show Botox will prevent deep wrinkles if patients start using it sooner? READ MORE

Botox Benefits: Why Should I get Botox Cosmetic?

I'm a bit unclear about botox benefits.  does it give you immediate results for wrinkles? READ MORE

Does Botox Offer Long Term Benefits?

Is Botox a pause button? And does it retrain muscles to the extent that I will have less visible wrinkles upon cessation of Botox cosmetic? I assume... READ MORE

Can Botox Extend the Life of Fillers?

I saw somewhere that Botox will make fillers last longer. Is there any truth to this? If so, how does it work? READ MORE

What is the Scientific Reason That Botox Treatments Help Ease the Symptoms of TMJ?

Will the botox treatments give me lasting or temporary relief? How often do I need to get the botox treatments before I experience improvement in my... READ MORE

Botox for Jaw Reduction?

I was wondering if it would be more beneficial to get more Botox injected the first time so I don't have to return to the office in just half a year,... READ MORE

I'm 20 years old, would a botox brow lift be beneficial? (photos)

Hello, I am 20 years old and want a nonsurgical botox brow lift. My brows are droopy on my eyes and brow bone is quite prominent. Ptosis is in my... READ MORE

If I take a strong herbal formula of pau de arco and oil of oregano 48 hours after Botox for benefits, would it affect my botox?

I took a pau de arco and oil of oregano herbal tincture two days after botox to treat a skin infection naturally, I noticed my botox never took effect... READ MORE

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