Anxiety + Botox

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Insomnia and Anxiety After Botox

I had Botox done 6 times. The first 3 times I had no side effects. The latest 3 times, I got a wicked sinus infection, and an insomnia that's so bad,... READ MORE

Can Cosmetic Botox Cause Anxiety or Trigger Mental Health Conditions?

Hello Doctors I've heard that Botox can cause anxiety and can trigger mental health conditions. I'm wondering if there is any proof/evidence of this?... READ MORE

How Long Does Anxiety Last from Botox?

Why does botox cause anxiety, double vision and seizures when it is only meant to paralyze your skin? READ MORE

Rapid Heartbeat, Anxiety and Tightness in Chest After Botox Injection, Is this Normal?

I have had two sessions of in the forehead region and the other for excessive sweating in the armpits. Both sessions resulted in rapid... READ MORE

Sore Neck After 90 Units of Botox? Am I Just Anxious?

I had 90 units of botox in my forehead, between eyes and crows feet 4 days ago. the following day I got very nervous about doing this and not seeing... READ MORE

Experienced Adverse Side Effects From Botox. I Love the Results, but Should I Discontinue?

I experienced a little anxiety and a feeling like I couldn't swallow a few days after my injections. My injections were delivered into my forehead... READ MORE

I Have Bad Headaches One Week of Botox, After my Panic Attack and Anxiety. Are These Connected Plse?

I have had continued headaches after one week post Botox, with pressure and sensitivity to touch. Is this a result of my panic attack and bad anxiety... READ MORE

I just got Botox for Migraines about 6 hours ago and I am feeling anxious and shaky all over is this normal?

I have had an issue with compazine having akathisia and this feels very similar? Is that okay or should I be worried READ MORE

I've Been Sufferening Fro Depression, Anxiety and Insomnia Post-Botox for Oromandibular Dystonia?

If anyone thinks I'm not telling the truth check out botoxsupportcommunity. Does any of the doctors here want to address this issue? READ MORE

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