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Can You Inject Botox and Filler at the Same Time in the Same Place?

I have a very deep line between my eyebrows, I was told it would need a few units of botox, but also some filler to get ridd of it. Can that be done... READ MORE

Botox Has Destroyed my Face & my Life. Is There Any Hope of a Recovery? (photo)

3 MONTHS ago I was injected (forehead ONLY) w/ 21 units of botox. A few days after, I developed extremely swollen eyelids, huge bags, double vision,... READ MORE

Botox Caused Small Eye and Extra Eyelid Folds in Crease, Is It Permanent?

Botox injection drooping of the eyelid never subsided. 3 months later same injections. left eyelid drooping looks like left eye is half size of my... READ MORE

Botox's Gone Wrong (On my Chin and Jaw)? (photo)

In November 2012.I had Botox on my chin 4 units ( to make my chin longer said the doctor) and 30x2=60 units for jaw reduction . Two days after I had... READ MORE

Can Botox-Induced Pseudoherniation Be Resolved?

I had Botox to treat crows feet 3 months ago and ended up with a pseudoherniation of the orbital fat pad under my left eye. I've reviewed... READ MORE

Botox Drooping Eyebrow Permanent?

3 months ago I had botox which caused drooping of one eyebrow. Although I now have what seems to be full movement back suggesting the botox has worn... READ MORE

3 Months and Still Have Droopy Eyelids Following Injections To Forehead and Crows Feet. What To Do?

Hi , I got botox injected right above the eyebrow, forehead and crows feet im 28 i got 30 units !my dr said it will go away after 1 months, its been... READ MORE

Horrific Permanent Botox Damage (Swollen,sunken Eyes,w/ Bags)-what Surgey Will Be Needed 2 Correct? (photo)

4+ MONTHS ago I had botox @ a registered provider.4 days later, my eyes were swollen w/ huge bags under.I have NOT improved & can verify... READ MORE

Swollen, Puffy, Eyes from Botox - Permanent Damange over 3 Months Later. Any Suggestions? (photo)

I had botox injections 13 weeks ago @ a botox recommended provider. Within a few days, I had puffy, swollen eyes and deep bags that were never there... READ MORE

Wrinkles Have Returned Only a Few Months After Botox, Is That Normal?

I had botox a few months back and now I can see the wrinkles come out again, which means my botox doesn't work anymore. READ MORE

Numbness After Botox in Crow's Feet, Will It Wear Off?

3 months ago I had botox injected into my crow's feet - 5 units each side. I was very unhappy with the results - developed bags and new wrinkles... READ MORE

Can Botox Cause Bulging Veins and Tight Skin?

I had botox once approximately 3 months ago for the wrinkles when I frown. It is now starting to wear off slightly and I have noticed a prominent vein... READ MORE

I Am Worried About Permanent Ptosis From Botox

I received Botox on 1/18 & today 3/29, my eyelid is still drooping a hasn't returned to normal. Years ago I had blashoplasty (upper... READ MORE

Can Botox Move After 3 Months?

I had injections over 3 months ago, for the first time, in my forehead. All was fine. However, the last few weeks I have seen the effects start to... READ MORE

Botox for TMJ

I have had tmj that was causing tension headaches that became migraines. I had botox done 150 units in forhead, temples, jaw , neck and top of... READ MORE

Ptosis getting worse 3 months after Botox?

Got Botox for the 1st time 3 months ago into forehead, glabella and crows feet. I noticed eyelid swelling/ptosis the next day. My eyes are sunken into... READ MORE

I Got 33 Units of Botox 3 Months Ago to Treat Glabella, 2 Weeks Ago Wide Indentations Started to Form Between my Brows? (photo)

I've never noticed these indentations before, they're below where my old 11 lines were. There's also a round indentation above my left brow. My Dr... READ MORE

Does Botox Make Eye Sensitive to Light?

Hello doctors my name is folan i m from Iraq i was injected by botox three moths ago since then i suffer from bad vision i became so sensitive to... READ MORE

1 Unit of Botox 2.5 Months Ago for Underarms. Is It Safe to Use 1 Unit This Soon After?

I had 1 unit of botox between the two armpits. I have an appointment in less then twenty four hours to have another unit done. Which is great it works... READ MORE

Face destroyed; exercise facial muscles now or when Botox has worn off?

I received Botox 12 weeks ago. My initial symptoms were cheek ptosis, eye bags and wrinkles, chipmunk cheeks, brow drop, hooded eyes, eye droop, left... READ MORE

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