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Sex After Lower Body Lift? (photo)

I had a Lower Body Lift about 2 weeks ago after losing over 200 pounds. Am wondering when it would be safe to have sexual "activity." I'm just afraid... READ MORE

Lower Body Lift Risks?

I lost 100 pounds from Lapband over 4 years ago and would like a lower body lift. Im Very scared. What are the risks? READ MORE

I Had a Lower Body Lift 2 Weeks Ago, I Have Huge Amounts of Swelling (20lbs)! Is This Normal?

I had a Lower Body Lift 2 weeks ago, I have huge amounts of swelling (20lbs)! Is this normal? READ MORE

What Kind of Compression Garmet and Abdominal Binder Should I Get for my Lower Body Lift?

They have so many kind, with 2 panels, 3 or 4.I do not know which one is better.Thank you READ MORE

Fatty, sagging pubic area?

I had lower body lift after losing over 100 lbs. with gastric by-pass. In doing so, my surgeon failed to do anything with my pubic area, which... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait to Go to the Gym Aftet LBL?

How long should i wait after lower body lift to go ack to the gym and to actively workout there, I am 25 ,non smoker, no diabetes history. READ MORE

Does a Lower Body Lift Include a Butt Lift? Will a LBL Get Rid of my Excess Thigh Skin?

And are butt lifts included in the procedure? Will it eliminate excess thigh skin? I am not a severe case but I definitely have some excess skin post... READ MORE

Would a Plastic Surgeon Do a Lower Body Lift if the Patient Hasn't Met the Goal Weight?

I'm 40, had 2 children via c-section. I'm 5'10. At my max weight I was 260lbs. Now 220lbs. 3 dr.'s have told me I'm not big enough for The Band. I've... READ MORE

Can I Get Lower Body Lift and Butt Implants at Same Time? (photo)

So now that my question was answered on which to do 1st, I feel more in need of working from bottom up but wonder if a lower body lift will fully fix... READ MORE

Lower Body Lift and Buttock Auto Augmentation Questions? (photo)

I had an lower body lift with auto buttock augmentation 3 weeks ago. I ve already asked a question about the swelling but now i want to know if the... READ MORE

Does the lower body lift also include the inner thigh area?

Does the lower body lift also include the inner thigh area? READ MORE

What to Worry About when I Have my Lower Body Lift? Any Sugestions in How to Prepare for the After Care? (photo)

Hi im having a lower body lift on December 8,2012 I have lost 205 lbs in a year a 2 months, all that by eating and exercising...(No weight loss... READ MORE

Will the Dimples of Venus Remain or Be Altered Following my Lower Body Lift?

I know these dimples are caused by a superficial ligament over the sacroiliac joints but I don't know if this ligature is altered or addressed during... READ MORE

Weight Shifting & Swelling from Lower Body Lift 9 Month Ago- Will It Balance Out?

I had a lower body lift surgery in March they were to of removed 6.5 pounds of skin.I wearing a size 6-8 before the surgery. Now im in a size 14-16.It... READ MORE

Did Lower Body Lift 2weeks Ago Still Sagging Skin on Thighs, Why Is This?

I did a lower body lift 2 weeks ago and still I see my outer and back thighs have sagging skin I was not heavy 120lbs and not much skin to take out... READ MORE

Can I Have a LBL and Arm Lift Done at the Same Time?

Can I have a LBL and arm lift done at the same time? My current weight is 155 lbs. and I was wondering how long I would be under for this surgery... READ MORE

Best Surgical Option for Dispropotion Lower Body After Major Weight Loss?

Hello. I have lost 310lbs through dieting and exercising, and I had a tummy tuck a year ago, but still not satisfied with the results. My upper body... READ MORE

Vertical Incision As Part of a Body Lift?

I am having a lower body lift after losing 165 pounds through gastric bypass. The two doctors I am considering have strongly encouraged me to add a... READ MORE

Still Having Pain in Lower Back with Swelling and Numbness in my Leg?

Had LBL in december had a really good recovery. I had a problem with re occurring seromas in my back which were drained three times. They kept coming... READ MORE

Nurse Anesthetist Vs Anethesiologist?

One of the 3 PS I've consulted regarding a lower body lift uses a nurse anesthetist vs an anesthesiologist. This surgeon is well experienced, referred... READ MORE

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