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I Lost 100 Pounds. Now I Have Loose Skin, Stretch Marks, Love Handles. Recommendations? (photo)

32yr, 6ft, Male. Went from 270 to 170. Plenty of loose skin, stetch marks, and love handles remain. I weigh less than 2 brothers, same height and... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to Heal After Removal of Excess Skin?

Hello, I'm a 25 year old male. I used to weigh a little over 300 pounds and over the last seven months I have brought my weight down to 180 pounds. I... READ MORE

Lower Body Lift After Weight Loss? (photo)

I lost over 100 pounds but still have 35 left to go. I've been stuck at this weight for over a year. I need a lower body lift because I believe that a... READ MORE

Excess Lower Back Skin from Weight Loss. How to Correct It?

I have lose a lot of weight, I have excess skin in my lower back(along with my stomach) but for the back part bothers me the most. Is there any hope... READ MORE

Bra Line Lift or Other Form of Body Contouring After TT? (photo)

Good Morning, I had a tummy tuck almost two years ago and am now trying to address excess skin in my back. However, unlike a tummy tuck which is... READ MORE

Body Lift After Weight Loss of 130 Pounds?

How long a recovery time should I expect after an extensive body lift. I have lost over 130 pounds and need to have excess skin removed and everything... READ MORE

Will I Need More Than a Tummy Tuck?

I am a 49 year old male, who has lost 245 LBS, I have seen four doctors, two think I could get by with a tummy tuck, one thinks a lower body lift, the... READ MORE

I Have a Lot of Skin to Be Removed, Can You Help Me? It Causes Yeast Infections.

In the last 10 years I have gained and lost weight, had two major surgeries. I have managed to keep 45 pounds off and now I have all this excess skin... READ MORE

Contemplating Body Contouring? (photo)

I am a 23 year old female and over the last 3years I have lost around 115 pounds through exercise and healthy eating. I went from being a size 22... READ MORE

Does a Body Lift Mean You Will Be Trimming Excess Skin off my Body?

What kind of sensation should I expect during recovery? Are some areas for likely to feel numb or tingly compared to other areas? READ MORE

I Am 67 Years Old and Recently Lost About 35 Pounds- What Can I Do About the Loose Skin?

Is there anything that can be done about the loose skin on my stomach, arms, and thighs? READ MORE

Best Method for Surgeries After Weight Loss?

I am african-american female, 35, post lap band, lost 95lbs and lead a very active lifestyle that includes running, spinning and weight training about... READ MORE

How can I improve my skin elasticity after massive (100lb) weight loss? (Photo)

Hi, about 4-5 years ago I lost about 100 pounds pretty quickly and now have a lot of extra skin. I am 24 years old and I believe that since I am still... READ MORE

Is This Normal After Having Cosmetic Sx? (photo)

I lost a lot of weight (400 to 245). I had gynecomostia done in 2009&2011 had ext. abdominalplasty same dr. My only problem is that after the 2 sx... READ MORE

What Can I Do For Excess Skin From Weight Loss?

I Used to Be 300lbs Im 5'8 and Weigh 155lbs Now I Have a Tremendous Amount of Streatch Marks and Sum Sagging Skin from my Chest to my knees how much... READ MORE

I Lost 100Lbs Through Exercise, Now I Have Extra Skin and Some Stubborn Bit of Fat That Just Won't Go! What Should I Do? (photo)

Long version: I wanted to join the USMC, but I was 100 lbs over weight. 300 lbs shipping weight was 206. Well, now that I've been in a while, my... READ MORE

Due to Gastro Sleeve I've Lost 122 Lbs is There a Non Surgical Way to Remove Excess Skin?

In the past my surgeries have not gone well. I've had simple liproscopic and laporotomies and always ended up with incisions opening back up from lots... READ MORE

Mother of 4 36yrs old. I have lost over 135lbs naturallyover 2.5 yrs. What procedures work best for me? (photo)

Have maintained loss for over 3 years but I have a lot of extra skins and saggy breast as a result of. I have been overweight my entire life and I now... READ MORE

Did I really lose this weight just to be stuck with this excess skin? In desperate need of a LBL (photo)

I am in desperate need of a LBL and BL/BA. I started looking into surgeons here in the States and I was getting quotes up to $22,000. So I started... READ MORE

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