New Wrinkle Cream Claims: Too Good To Be True?

A. Foley on 13 Sep 2012 at 9:00am


Avon has announced that the ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser cream, that has 60,000 Brits on its waiting list, is hitting US shelves this month. The $40 wrinkle cream has people in a tizzy over its reported anti-aging results, claiming to noticeably reduce fine lines and boost production of collagen and elastin.

Before: 69 women aged between 35 and 59 used the cream twice a day for 11 weeks


Despite claims from Avon consultants that the product would be an ideal alternative to Botox or similar injectables, it's hard to imagine a wrinkle cream with the same potency as a filler or cosmetic procedure. However, RealSelf doctors have seen topical retinoids to be clinically effective, though with a few downsides like redness and peeling. 

In the end, keep in mind that it all depends on the severity of wrinkles, where they are located and what your expectations are. The first line of defense is to protect from the sun! But if the wrinkles are already there, many doctors recommend a progressive regimen of creams and moisturizers, then moving on to lasers or injectible fillers if the results are not satisfactory after one to two months. 

It will be interesting to see how the hype plays out, and please share your experience with new creams or treatments on the market in the skin care forums

What do you think? Would you test it for $40?


photo credit: avon (manufacturer image)


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I agree with Alicia, and feel it is very unlikely this will do anything more than the creams already on the market. Have they said what their active ingredient is?


When this hits the market, we'll see who wants to try it in the office and do a follow up post. Does seem too good to be true...but the hope in a bottle dream never seems to die. I always think...this could be the one.