Women don't "love what u have got"

mellieb on 22 Dec 2009 at 7:55am

Quite contrary to the advice tweeted by @truthinaging to "love what u have got", in a survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of RealSelf.com found that a staggering 3 out of 4 (77%) ladies aged 18 to 34 noted they would get cosmetic work if money wasn't an issue. One in five of those women (19%) who are interested in cosmetic work want breast implants (likely c-cup or larger). 

The young ladies aren't alone -- 71% of women 45-54 would also choose to get work done if money wasn't an issue. However, women in that age group are far more likely to choose a tummy tuck (37%) than enhance their girls.

Kittens vs. Cougars

Top procedures for women 18-34

Top procedures for women 45-54

  • Teeth whitening: 39%
  • Tummy tuck: 37%
  • Liposuction: 36%
  • Face lift: 24%

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According to the 2009 ASAPS statistics, more than 311,000 women got breast implants last year making it the #1 surgical cosmetic procedure. Liposuction was the #2 procedure that involves surgery. The #1 overall cosmetic procedure (surgical and nonsurgical) was Botox with over 2.5 million people getting injected last year! Some interesting articles:
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Interesting stats, and consistent with what we’ve found at Axis Three; one of the most common misconceptions about breast augmentation is that it’s only Hollywood starlets who do it. Recognizing that so many “everyday” women consider breast augmentation—but that they hold back because they are worried about not knowing what the results will be—is the main reason we developed our 3D simulation tool – to show patients what they will look like after surgery, before surgery. -Alicia Recupero, VP of Marketing, Axis Three (www.axisthree.com)
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