6 Free Tricks for Whiter Teeth

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Hate your stained teeth but professional teeth whitening is too expensive?  Or maybe you've tried teeth whitening and it didn't work out as planned.  Here are 6 ways to give your smile a brighter appearance without bleaching:

1. Say no to yellow or orange lipstick

Older woman with white teeth

Darker colored lipsticks make your teeth look whiter, but they also make you look older so choose your lipstick colors wisely. Red lipsticks and those with cool blue tones will make your teeth look whiter.

Stay away from yellow and orange toned lipsticks that make your teeth look yellow. Pale, frosted shades tend to make your teeth look dull as do matte finishes.bright white outfit

2. Avoid bright white clothes

 A bright white shirt or dress will only accentuate your less-than-white teeth. Try wearing off-white or cream and always choose colors that are a shade lighter than your teeth.

3. Go bronze

Golden and darker skin tones make your teeth look whiter. Instead of heading to the beach or tanning salon, try a bronzing lotion on your face.

4. Silver jewelry vs. gold

To add dazzle to your smile, wear silver jewelry or sparkling rhinestones and crystals instead of gold jewelry, which emphasizes yellow tones in teeth.

5. Baking soda polish

Baking soda is a mild abrasive that can occasionally be used to scrub away surface stains on teeth. This quick fix is great for removing fresh red wine and coffee stains on teeth.

6. Eat the right snacks

Snacking on foods like celery, apples, broccoli, carrots, oranges, and cheese will get rid of the bacteria that cause plaque to form on your teeth.

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Thanks for sharing those great tips with us! Manhattan Dentist
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the tips here for teeth whitening are great
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To me also avoiding certain staining drinks like soda and sugary energy drinks is helpful to keep the teeth white.
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this was a little helpful. but most of it people realize on there own. plus most people who are on this website already have yellow teeth, so this won't change their look very much. WAY TO GET WHITE TEETH: I am using Crest Whitestrips, pro effects form Target. And surprisingly they work really well I've only used 1/2 the box so far and my teeth are very close to white.(they started off really yellow) Its $30 but it's really worth it. =]
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this page is useless.. i wanted to know how to whiten my teeth!!!!!! they are yellow alredy ughh..
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i wanted to know how to whiten my teeth because their already yellow. not how to prevent them from getting yellow cause they already r:(
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Uh, duh.. hydrogen peroxide is in some over the counter teeth whiteners! and another good way to whiten your teeth is to avoid certain staining drinks and harmful ones; like soda and sugary energy drinks. or drnk through a straw. and if all else is impossible, rise and swish you mouth with water after those drinks.
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ok thats crazy only wearing certain colors what i wanted to know was like way to keep them white
  • Reply
ummm ok a source said to put HYDROGEN PEROXIDE grooosssssss
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hydrogen peroxide is in toothpaste. so i don't really so why you're freakin out over it.
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This website was helpful, but i dont think people will only wear certain color shirts and jewelry to have white looking teeth. you should have tips like gargling your teeth with salt water every night for a while.
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