When Have You Gone Too Far? Plastic Surgery Creates "Lion Woman"

Beauty Cred on 17 Mar 2008 at 12:00am

Jocelyn Wildenstein underwent multiple cosmetic procedures because she thought her husband would stay with her if she made herself look more like the big cats he loved.

Her tortured progress over the years shows a transformation into someone who doesn't even look human. Her husband did divorce her anyway, and has just passed away.

She is stuck with this look, which is certainly not universally appealing. Let this be a lesson to all who feel insecure and are tempted to do something radical about it. Go for therapy first.

Did the Catwoman inspire her very own episode of Nip/Tuck?

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I don't get it? Where does she or anyone think she looks like a cat?All I see is FUGLY! Can we call this a dumb blond moment x 20? She was gorgeous before she did the first surgery. Too bad she can't change back to were she started this insane trip into making herself the ugliest woman on the planet!She spent good money to look this way. So Sad. MY next question is. Does she have a job? If so where? Or which carnival does she work at because I can't see her working the cosmetics counter at JC Penny!
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And she was such a beautiful woman before all this...
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Another angle to this "when have you gone too far" discussion is doctor responsibility. I read a quote recently in New Beauty magazine in which a doctor stated that some of his colleagues will go ahead with procedures they might otherwise discourage a patient from having because they realize that the patient will just go find another doctor who will perform the procedure--ie, so the thinking is why lose the business--or why risk the patient going to some "hack" doctor who may not be as qualified to perform the work?
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It is time women loved themselves...
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