7 Weird, Wacky and WTF!?! Beauty Treatments

Amy Spagnola on 8 Jun 2011 at 9:00am

Women inject poison into their faces to freeze wrinkles. They get wrapped in mud to remove toxins and they even straighten their hair with chemical compounds that can be found in industrial plants. While all this sounds exotic and extreme, there’s a few more baffling beauty treatments from around the world that are as crazy as they are commonplace.

1) Breast Milk Soap

Use this super-softening soap to scrub-a-dub-dub in the tub and achieve a healthy glow. The essential proteins, amino acids and Vitamin A nourish the skin and leave it healthy and smooth. This is the Milky Way.

Breast milk soap

2) Leech Detox

Celebrities like Demi Moore might try wraps and colonics to cleanse, but what pest procedure is also featured on the detox menu? A good leeching. The 48-year old cougar knows the secret to feeling energized and youthful is to have her blood detoxified with enzymes from leeches. Vampires are so yesterday!

3) Snake Massage

Slither me Timbers! Ready for more creepy crawly cosmetic action? Try a snake massage. Non-venomous snakes scare and sooth on the back and are purported to relieve stress and aid in relaxation.

Israeli snake massage

Snake serum

4) Snake Serum

What do Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham all have in common? They covet the beauty company Rodial’s Glamoxy Snake Serum. Reportedly, the “Botox-like” results are attributed to the effects of the Syn-ake, designed to replicate venom of the Asian temple viper. In clinical trials, it has been shown to reduce wrinkles by 20%.

5) Spermine

Seminal fluid contains a powerful antioxidant 30 times more potent than Vitamin E. A Norwegian biotech company, Bioforskning, [sic] developed a natural replica called Spermine that offers sunscreen protection and slows down cellular aging. 

6) Bull Semen

Is your hair damaged and dry? Why not try some bull semen. This deep conditioning hair mask has been popular in Japan for decades and promises to restore new life to brittle locks. There’s Something About Mary was on to something.

bull semen hair mask

7) Placenta Cream

She may be a desperate housewife but she’s not a desperate beauty, Eva Longoria slathers her skin in EMK Placental Face Cream. While its ingredients may not be uber-glamorous, it can regenerate skin, improve firmness and brighten. Pass the placenta.

Placenta cream

Would you try any of these products/treatments?

Photo credits: Weirdworm.com, Mentalfloss.com, TimeMagazine on YouTube, Newsoftheworld.co.uk, Hi-health.co.uk, EMKPlacental.com


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Beauty treatment with so ugly way and from nasty sources!You may hear such comments from a lot of people but look they use the refined and purified form of such extracts in their products like the drinking water from polluted sources. so nothing wrong or weird with such products.

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The leech thing I have heard of for years.  So, I am numb to that now.  But, the snakes?  Um, EEK!  I'd rather have DEEP DEEP tissue for 2 hours and not be able to walk for 24 hours!

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I would never want to try any of those things and I don't think any of my clients at my salon would either - especially the snakes!
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Wow, these are truly crazy...I heard women in Asia also like birds' nests for their skin, and I thought that was different, but these are really over-the-top. Nice work guys!
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OMG is right...there is no way I could lay there and relax with snakes on my body.   So not happening for me...Yikes.

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O.M.G. This is crazy...yet alarmingly these tips kind of make sense!
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