WATCH: Mom Defends Giving Botox to 8-Year-Old

MakenzieR on 12 May 2011 at 11:00am

Back in March the Internet went crazy with the news of 8 year-old Britney Campbell being injected with Botox by her mother. For wrinkles. Did I mention she is EIGHT?

Well now the Campbell Clan is getting their 15 minutes of fame on this Good Morning America exclusive. Be prepared to want to punch your screen.

We try not to get judgemental here at RealSelf, but this caused serious outrage in the office. If your teenager needs Botox for migraines or excessive sweating, fine, but if you are giving your child aesthetic injectables and they can't even articulate why they're getting it, you should be reported. 

What is your reaction? Should the mother be charged with child abuse, or is she within her right if the child isn't kicking and screaming?

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In case you didn't see it yet, she was taken from her mother.

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Why even let your child become part of the pageant world if this is what it leads to? Crazy.

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This borders on child abuse... it's outrageous that you can do something like this to a child.

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Horrific! Physician supplier of this Botox and mothers of these pageant children must be dealt with. Allegra have any responsibility in this?
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You mean Allergan right?
This is an outrageous situation. Everything is wrong about it. The message for that little girl who is so cute with her dimples, the ethics of whoever is providing the product, and don't get me starting on the parenting! This mother should be fined for so many reasons. It is ILLEGAL for anyone that is not a MD or PA supervised by MD to inject Botox. A part time esthetician?? Are you kidding me?? And what is that little girl will think of herself when she really has signs of aging? What kind of messed up woman is she going to become?
I love my Botox. But I'm 36!
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Wow! The little girl thinks Botox=pretty. For a pageant??!! How many Super-Stars have you heard of that did pageants as a kid as a way to gain Fame? None!
In what state is it legal for an Esthetician to administer Botox?
She could cause great harm if she makes an error! The mother clearly knows she is getting it illegally (from her "trusted source"). That is why she won't say.
So many things are beautiful about children. Lack of wrinkles is not one that comes to mind. Ugh!

PS:I personally use Botox myself. Great product-for adults.
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this is so disturbing.

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OMG.  Too much, way too much.  I feel guilty for putting makeup and falsh lashes on my teenage daughter for her dance competitions.  (I justify it because the dances are lyrical and tell a story, so it's really just stage makeup right?)

My kids were horrified at their well baby exams for vaccinations. Can you imagine how a child would feel with a needle coming toward the face?  Makes me wonder if the child isn't given something to calm them first!

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Wow. It is hard not to be too judgemental. Not even Lara Spencer could do it!

IMHO, it is too much. The Botox is potentially-dodgy (she won't name her source). The child has been coached into saying she doesn't like wrinkles. And it's an elective medical procedure, even for adults. It's just completely unnecessary.

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